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Department: Blood Transfusion
Short History of the Department
The Blood Bank was started in the year – 1949. It is the largest Blood Bank in the country, which provides blood & components to the entire hospital and also to affiliated Govt.Hospitals in Chennai city. This involves recruiting and maintaining safe blood donors.  We also ensure standardized processes for the  safety of donors and patients during collection, screening, processing and storage of blood components. The yearly blood collection is about 35,000 units which are separated into components of about 60,000 units to utilize for the needy patients. Last year alone, this blood bank had about 28,000  voluntary donors who donated blood in the hospital and in various blood donation camps in and around the  Chennai city. 90% of the blood collected is through Voluntary Blood donors as per NACO guidelines. It has been the recipient of Best Blood Bank Award in the State for the year 2003 & 2004.  This blood bank has collected more than 1000 units in a single place in 2008. A Mobile Blood bank at a cost of 50lakhs has been established in 2009 .
The Hospital never  faces shortage of blood and there is no reported death for want of blood so far. The blood donation camp conducted by The Govt.General Hospital by organizing special campaigns is on steady increase every year.
On certain occasions the Blood Bank of Govt.General Hospital has conducted as many as 14 camps on a single day i.e. on 26th January, 15th August, and 15th September, 2nd October for the past 5 years and won national award for the above achievements.
The Blood Bank of Govt.General Hospital is one among the 3 blood banks approved by WHO in the entire country for External Quality Assurance Programme and has tie up with Thailand Red Cross Society Blood Bank, Bangkok for the past seven years. The Blood bank of Govt.General Hospital   has been awarded certificates by WHO for quality services in Blood Transfusion in the years 2004 & 2005. Govt.General Hospital supplies quality and safe blood not only for its inpatients but also to 10 other Government Hospitals in the city and 2 Corporation storage centers. The Blood Bank of Govt.General Hospital has been selected as The best maintained blood bank and given State Awards for two years in 2003 & 2004. In addition to that, award for Highest blood collection centre in 2005, Research activities in the field of Transfusion Medicine in 2008 and ‘ Best Training Centre award ' in 2009 were received by the Department of Transfusion Medicine.
Blood Bank of Govt.General Hospital  has been ‘approved by the  National AIDS Control Organization  to   train the  medical officer ,staff Nurse, Lab. Technician for the past 5 years from 2005 and so far nearly 750 medical and Para medical staffs were trained and certified by the Govt. General   Hospital  blood bank. Besides, it has the record of first stem cell therapy for the Cardiac and spinal injury patient in Govt sector.
World class hi-tech mobile blood unit has been launched by the Hon’ble Deputy Chief minister on 4.7.09.and so far collected 3000 units of blood by 30 camps in the mobile unit .Project have also been submitted for a documentary film to create awareness among youth and public to promote repeat regular voluntary blood donation and so as to make safe and quality blood accessible to all the needy and as a life saving source.
Launching of mobile blood bank, a pioneering effort in the collection of blood.
Computerization and an attractive life time bar-code I.D. card for all donors Facilities to remind the due date of donation, availability of the blood report  through e- mail, (first time in India)
Linking by a network all the blood banks in the state of Tamil Nadu.
Donor Reminder programme to increase repeat regular donor to supply safe and quality blood for the patient.
Project submitted for a documentary film to create awareness among youth and public.
Developed software in transfusion medicine management.
Stem cell treatment.
Best Blood Bank Award in the State for the year 2003 & 2004.

Academic activities
Periodic academic activities held in the department
Training on Blood Transfusion services including component separation for the Medical 
Officers and staff nurses.
Orientation program for M.B.B.S, CRRI, nursing students
Services Offered
Year                                                                 :           2012
Name of the Blood Bank                              :           Rajiv Gandhi Government General Hospital, Chennai-03
Blood Bank License status                            :           36/06.04.2013
Month Blood Unit collection      
                           Number of positive case
HIV                                  HBsAg                                HCV           
No. of camps No. of units collected in camp No. of units supplied
January 3361        2       40          - 40             3320 5690
February 3258 - 38 1 36 3125 5684
March 2912 2 32 1 38 2790 6398
April 2475 1 35 - 42 2408 5226
May 2234 1 39 - 22 1211 5321
June 3448 2 60 - 21 2059 5492
July 2625 1 43 2 22 1969 6245
August 2836 - 36 - 39 2497 5888
September 3824 1 41 - 27 3188 5289
October 2139 - 25 - 24 2006 6371
November 2487 1 36 1 17 1259 5862
December 2814 - 30 - 43 2295 5947
Total 34313 11 455 5 371 28127 69413
  • Apheresis performed for patients with Guillan Barre syndrome = 30 per month
  • Single donor platelet transfusion for patients with Thrombocytopenia = 12 to 15 per month
  • Blood component separation – Platelet, Packed red cells, Fresh frozen plasma
List of Laboratory tests performed:
  • Blood grouping &typing,
  • Complete haemogram
  • Screening for HIV, HBsAg, HCV, Malaria & VDRL.
Average laboratory statistics ( average tests conducted / annum)
  • Blood grouping & typing         -   34313
  • Complete haemogram           -   34313                    
  • Screening for HIV                    -   34313
  • HBsAg                                      -   34313
  • HCV                                         -   34313        
  • Malaria                                   -   34313        
  • VDRL                                       -   34313        

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