This is a lofty Insurance Scheme launched by the Tamil Nadu State Government through the United India Insurance Company Ltd (a Public Sector Insurer headquartered at Chennai) to provide free medical and surgical treatment in Government and Private hospitals to the members of any family whose annual family income is less than Rs.72,000/- (as certified by the Village Administrative Officers) .The Scheme provides coverage for meeting all expenses relating to hospitalization of beneficiary as defined in the Scope of the Scheme.
        Every member of a family whose annual family income is less than Rs.72,000/- as certified by Village Administrative Officer and such other person who may be declared to be eligible for coverage under the ‘Chief Minister’s Comprehensive Health Insurance Scheme’ by the Government will be ‘Eligible Persons’ under the Scheme.
‘Family’ includes the eligible member, and the members of his or her family as detailed below:
     i.  Legal spouse of the eligible person;
     ii. Children of the eligible person till they get employed or married or attain the age of 25 years, whichever is earlier, and who are          dependent on the eligible person;
     iii. Dependent parents of the eligible person.
        Provided that if any person, in any of the categories at (i), (ii) or (iii) above, finds place in the family ration card, then it shall be presumed that the person is member of the family, and no further confirmation would be required.
If any member of the family of an eligible person is eligible to have his/her name included in the family of an another eligible person, he/she would be eligible to have his/her name included in one health insurance identity card only and claim assistance under one card only.
Once the Children of the family head
1.    gets employed or
2.    married or
3.    attains the age of 25 years, whichever is earlier should obtain fresh smart cards after establishing the eligibility with the proof of the coverage in the Family Ration Card and the Smart Card as well as the Income Certificate from the VAO.
The new enrolment and issue of cards will be through district kiosk established by the insurance company at the District Collectorate.
SPECIALITY Name Of Investigation / Treatment Procedure
CARDIOLOGY TN0688 : Acute MI (Conservative Management without Angiogram)
  TN0689 : Acute MI (Conservative Management with Angiogram)
  TN0690 : Acute MI With Cardiogenic Shock
  TN0691 : Acute MI Requiring LABP Pump
  TN0692 : Refractory Cardiac Failure
  TN0693 : Infective Endocarditis
  TN0694 : Pulmonary, Embolism
  TN0695 : Complex Arrhythmias
  TN0696 : Simple Arrythmias
  TN0697 : Pericardial Effusion, Tamponade
CARDIOTHORACIC SURGERIES TN0001 : Coronary Balloon Angioplasty
  TN0002 : PTCA with Baremetal Stent
  TN0003 : Additional Stent
  TN0004 : ASD Device Closure
  TN0005 : VSD Device Closure
  TN0006 : PDA Stenting
  TN0007 : Device Closure
  TN0008 : Single Coil
  TN0009 : Multiple Coils
  TN0010 : Balloon Valvotomy
  TN0011 : Balloon Atrial Septostomy
  TN0012 : Permanent Pacemaker Implantation
  TN0013 : Temporary Pacemaker Implantation
  TN0014 : Coarctation of Aorta - With Stent
  TN0015 : Coarctation of Aorta - Without Stent
  TN0016 : Coarctation of Aorta - Additional Stent
  TN0017 : Renal Angioplasty
  TN0018 : Peripheral Angioplasty
  TN0019 : Vertebral Angioplasty
  TN0020 : Coronary Bypass Surgery
  TN0021 : Coronary Bypass Surgery-Post Angioplasty
  TN0022 : CABG With LABP Pump
  TN0023 : Coronary Bypass Surgery Off Pump with LABP
  TN0024 : CABG Off Pump without LABP
  TN0025 : CABG with Aneurismal Repair
  TN0026 : Mitral Valve Replacement (With Valve)
  TN0027 : Aortic Valve Replacement (With Valve)
  TN0028 : Tricuspid Valve Replacement
  TN0029 : Double Valve Replacement (With Valve)
  TN0030 : Coarctation-Arota Repair With Graft
  TN0031 : Coarctation-Arota Repair Without Graft
  TN0032 : Aneurysm Resection & Grafting
  TN0033 : Intrathoracic Aneurysm -Aneurysm not Requiring Bypass
  TN0034 : Intrathoracic Aneurysm -Requiring Bypass (With Graft)
  TN0035 : Dissecting Aneurysms
  TN0036 : Aorto-Aorto Bypass with Graft
  TN0037 : Annulus Aortic Ectasia with Valved Conduits
  TN0038 : Aorto-Aorto Bypass without Graft
  TN0039 : Femoro- Poplitial Bypass with Graft
  TN0040 : Femoro- Poplitial Bypass without Graft
  TN0041 : Femoro-Ileal Bypass with Graft
  TN0042 : Femoro -Ileal Bypass without Graft
  TN0043 : Femoro-Femoral Bypass with Graft
  TN0044 : Femoro-Femoral Bypass without Graft
  TN0045 : Arterial Switch
  TN0046 : Sennings Procedure
  TN0047 : Carotid Embolectomy
  TN0048 : Surgery for Intracardiac Tumors
  TN0049 : Ruptured Sinus of Valsulva Correction
  TN0050 : TAPVC Correction
  TN0051 : Systemic Pulmonary Shunts with Graft
  TN0052 : Systemic Pulmonary Shunts without Graft
  TN0053 : Total Correction of Tetralogy of Fallot (Simple)
  TN0053-a : Total Correction of Tetralogy of Fallot (Complex)
  TN0054 : Intra Cardiac Repair of ASD
  TN0055 : Intracardiac Repair of VSD
  TN0056 : Surgery-PDA
  TN0057 : With Special Conduits
  TN0058 : Without Special Conduits
  TN0059 : With Prosthetic Ring
  TN0060 : Without Prosthetic Ring
  TN0061 : Open Pulmonary Valvotomy
  TN0062 : Closed Mitral Valvotomy
  TN0063 : Pericardiostomy
  TN0064 : Pericardiectomy
  TN0065 : Pericardiocentesis
  TN0066 : Mitral Valvotomy (Open)
  TN0067 : Pneumonectomy (Only for Abscess)
  TN0068 : Lobectomy (Only for Abscess)
  TN0069 : Decortication
  TN0070 : Lung Cyst
  TN0071 : SOL Mediastinum
  TN0072 : Thorocoplasty
  TN0073 : Myoplasty
  TN0074 : Transpleural BPF Closure
  TN0075 : Surgery without CPB
  TN0076 : Surgery with CPB
  TN0077 : Primary Angioplasty for Acute MI + Drug Eluting Stent
  TN0078 : Additional Stent Required
  TN0079 : Enhanced External Counter Pulsation Therapy (EECP)
CHEST SURGERY TN0790 : Diaphragmatic Eventeration
  TN0791 : Oesophageal Diverticula /Achalasia Cardia
  TN0792 : Thoracotomy, Thoraco Abdominal Approach
  TN0793 : Repair Surgery For Injuries Due To FB
  TN0794 : Gastro Study followed by Thoracotomy & Repairs Foroesophageal Injury for Corrosive Injuries/FB
  TN0947 : Thoracostomy
DERMATOLOGY TN0719 : Pemphigus /Pemphigoid
  TN0720 : Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis
  TN0721 : Stevens- Johnson Syndrome
DIAGNOSTICS DS0001 A : Angiogram Cardiac
  DS0001 B : Angiogram Others
  DS0002 : ECHO
  DS0003 : Mamogram
  DS0004 : USG as an emergency procedures if facility not available at GH
  DS0005 : Tumour markers Beta Hcg &Alpha Feto protein
  DS0006 : Ultra sound guided biopsy
  DS0007 : Nuclear bone scan
  DS0008 : Bone marrow study
  DS0009 A : Renal Radioisotope scan
  DS0009 B : Cardiac Thallium Scan
  DS0009 C : Thyroid Radio Iodine Scan
  DS0010 : Fundus fluorescence angiography
  DS0011 : Aortogram
  DS0012 A : Karyotyping Chorion Villus
  DS0012 B : Karyotyping Aminiotic Fluid
  DS0012 C : Karyotyping Blood
  DS0012 D : Karyotyping Bone Marrow
  DS0013 A : Computed tomogram (CT scan)-BRAIN/SPINE-PLAIN
  DS0013 B : Computed tomogram (CT scan)-BRAIN/SPINE-CONTRAST
  DS0013 C : Computed tomogram (CT scan)- OTHERS-PLAIN
  DS0013 D : Computed tomogram (CT scan)- OTHERS-CONTRAST
  DS0014 A : Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - BRAIN/SPINE-PLAIN
  DS0014 B : Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - BRAIN/SPINE-CONTRAST
  DS0014 C : Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - OTHERS-PLAIN
  DS0014 D : Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) - OTHERS -CONTRAST
  DS0015 : Histopathology examination
  DS0016 : Colposcopy
  DS0017 : Diagnostic laproscopy
  DS0018 : Diagnostic thoracoscopy
  DS0019 : Immuno-histo Chemistry
  DS0020 : Metabolic screening
  DS0021 : Liver function test (LFT)
  DS0022 : Renal function test (RFT)
  DS0023 : Thyroid profile/Anti Thyroid antibodies
ENDOCRINOLOGY TN0728 : Cavernous Sinus Thrombosis
  TN0729 : Rhinocerebral Mucormycosis
  TN0730 : Hyper Osmolar Non-Ketotic Coma
  TN0731 : Hypopitutarism
  TN0732 : Pituitary - Acromegaly
  TN0733 : Cushings Syndrome
  TN0734 : Delayed Puberty Hypogonadism (Ex.Turners Synd, Kleinfelter Synd)
ENT TN0564 : Cochlear Implant Surgery for Children Below 6 Years
  TN0565 : Hearing Aid
  TN0566 : Initial Mapping/Switch on
  TN0567 : Post Switch on Mapping/Initiation of AVP and Training of Child and Mother - First Installment
  TN0568 : Post Switch on Mapping/Initiation of AVP and Training of Child and Mother - Second Installment
  TN0569 : Post Switch on Mapping/Initiation of AVP and Training of Child and Mother - Third Installment
  TN0570 : Post Switch on Mapping/Initiation of AVP and Training of Child and Mother - Fourth Installment
  TN0571 : Mastoidectomy
  TN0572 : Stapedectomy - Veingraft
  TN0573 : Tympanoplasty
  TN0574 : Labyrinthectomy
  TN0575 : Facial Nerve Decompression
  TN0576 : Temporal Bone Excision
  TN0577 : Microlaryngeal Surgery
  TN0578 : Phono Surgery for Vocal Cord Paralysis
  TN0579 : Laryngo Fissurectomy
  TN0580 : Adenoidectomy - Gromet Insertion
  TN0581 : Uvulo-Palato-Pharyngoplasty.
  TN0582 : Exision of Tumors in Pharynx
  TN0583 : Parapharyngeal Tumour Excision
  TN0584 : Excision of Benign Tumour Nose
  TN0585 : Angiofibroma Nose
  TN0586 : Endoscopic DCR
  TN0587 : Endoscopic Sinus Surgery
  TN0944 : Bronchoscopy Foreign Body Removal
  TN0945 : FB Cricopharynx, Esophagus
FOLLOWUP FP0001 : Total Thyroidectomy (First Otr)
  FP0001-a : Total Thyroidectomy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0002 : Portocaval Anastomosis (First Otr)
  FP0002-a : Portocaval Anastomosis (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0003 : Operation of Adrenal Glands bilateral (First Otr)
  FP0003-a : Operation of Adrenal Glands bilateral (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0004 : Splenorenal Anastomosis (First Otr)
  FP0004-a : Splenorenal Anastomosis (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0005 : Warren Shunt (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0005-a : Warren Shunt (First Otr)
  FP0006 : Spleenectomy + Devascularisation + Spleno Renal Shunt (First Otr)
  FP0006-a : Spleenectomy + Devascularisation + Spleno Renal Shunt (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0007 : Lap - Pancreatic Necrosectomy (First Otr)
  FP0007-a : Lap - Pancreatic Necrosectomy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0008 : Pancreatic Necrosectomy (open) (First Otr)
  FP0008-a : Pancreatic Necrosectomy (open) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0009 : Coronary Balloon Angioplasty (First Otr)
  FP0009-a : Coronary Balloon Angioplasty (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0010 : Renal Angioplasty (First Otr)
  FP0010-a : Renal Angioplasty (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0011 : Peripheral Angioplasty (First Otr)
  FP0011-a : Peripheral Angioplasty (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0012 : Vertebral Angioplasty (First Otr)
  FP0012-a : Vertebral Angioplasty (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0013 : Coronary Bypass Surgery (First Otr)
  FP0013-a : Coronary Bypass Surgery (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0014 : Coronary Bypass Surgery - post Angioplasty (First Otr)
  FP0014-a : Coronary Bypass Surgery - post Angioplasty (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0015 : CABG with IABP Pump (First Otr)
  FP0015-a : CABG with IABP Pump (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0016 : CABG with aneurismal repair (First Otr)
  FP0016-a : CABG with aneurismal repair (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0017 : With prosthetic Ring (First Otr)
  FP0017-a : With prosthetic Ring (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0018 : Without prosthetic Ring (First Otr)
  FP0018-a : Without prosthetic Ring (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0019 : Open Pulmonary Valvotomy (First Otr)
  FP0019-a : Open Pulmonary Valvotomy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0020 : Closed mitral Valvotomy (First Otr)
  FP0020-a : Closed mitral Valvotomy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0021 : Mitral Valvotomy (open) (First Otr)
  FP0021-a : Mitral Valvotomy (open) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0022 : Mitral Valve Replacement (with valve) (First Otr)
  FP0022-a : Mitral Valve Replacement (with valve) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0023 : Aortic Valve Replacement (with valve) (First Otr)
  FP0023-a : Aortic Valve Replacement (with valve) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0024 : Tricuspid Valve Replacement (First Otr)
  FP0024-a : Tricuspid Valve Replacement (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0025 : Double Valve Replacement (with valve) (First Otr)
  FP0025-a : Double Valve Replacement (with valve) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0026 : Carotid Embolectomy (First Otr)
  FP0026-a : Carotid Embolectomy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0027 : Encephalocele (First Otr)
  FP0027-a : Encephalocele (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0028 : Surgeries On adrenal gland in children (First Otr)
  FP0028-a : Surgeries On adrenal gland in children (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0029 : Open pylolithotomy (First Otr)
  FP0029-a : Open pylolithotomy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0030 : Open Nephrolithotomy (First Otr)
  FP0030-a : Open Nephrolithotomy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0031 : Open Cystolithotomy (First Otr)
  FP0031-a : Open Cystolithotomy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0032 : Laparoscopic Pylolithotomy (First Otr)
  FP0032-a : Laparoscopic Pylolithotomy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0033 : Cystolithotripsy (First Otr)
  FP0033-a : Cystolithotripsy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0034 : PCNL (First Otr)
  FP0034-a : PCNL (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0035 : ESWL (First Otr)
  FP0035-a : ESWL (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0036 : URSL (First Otr)
  FP0036-a : URSL (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0037 : Endoscope Removal of Stone in Bladder (First Otr)
  FP0037-a : Endoscope Removal of Stone in Bladder (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0038 : Transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) (First Otr)
  FP0038-a : Transurethral resection of prostate (TURP) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0039 : TURP Cyst lithotripsy (First Otr)
  FP0039-a : TURP Cyst lithotripsy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0040 : Open prostatectomy (First Otr)
  FP0040-a : Open prostatectomy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0041 : Craniotomy and Evacuation of Haematoma Subdural (First Otr)
  FP0041-a : Craniotomy and Evacuation of Haematoma Subdural (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0042 : Craniotomy and Evacuation of Haematoma Extradura (First Otr)
  FP0042-a : Craniotomy and Evacuation of Haematoma Extradura (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0043 : Evacuation of Brain Abscess-burr hole (First Otr)
  FP0043-a : Evacuation of Brain Abscess-burr hole (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0044 : Excision of Lobe (Frontal,Temporal, Cerebellum etc (First Otr)
  FP0044-a : Excision of Lobe (Frontal,Temporal, Cerebellum etc (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0045 : Excision of Brain Tumour Supratentorial (First Otr)
  FP0045-a : Excision of Brain Tumour Supratentorial (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0046 : Parasagittal (First Otr)
  FP0046-a : Parasagittal (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0047 : Basal (First Otr)
  FP0047-a : Basal (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0048 : Brain Stem (First Otr)
  FP0048-a : Brain Stem (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0049 : C P Angle Tumour (First Otr)
  FP0049-a : C P Angle Tumour (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0050 : Excision of Brain Tumour Subtentorial (First Otr)
  FP0050-a : Excision of Brain Tumour Subtentorial (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0051 : Ventriculoatrial/Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt (First Otr)
  FP0051-a : Ventriculoatrial/Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0052 : Subdural Tapping (First Otr)
  FP0052-a : Subdural Tapping (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0053 : Abscess Tapping (First Otr)
  FP0053-a : Abscess Tapping (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0054 : Vascular Malformations (First Otr)
  FP0054-a : Vascular Malformations (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0055 : Meningo Encephalocele (First Otr)
  FP0055-a : Meningo Encephalocele (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0056 : Meningo myelocele (First Otr)
  FP0056-a : Meningo myelocele (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0057 : Ventriculo-Atrial Shunt (First Otr)
  FP0057-a : Ventriculo-Atrial Shunt (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0058 : Excision of Brain Abscess (First Otr)
  FP0058-a : Excision of Brain Abscess (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0059 : Aneurysm Clipping (First Otr)
  FP0059-a : Aneurysm Clipping (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0060 : External Ventricular Drainage (EVD) (First Otr)
  FP0060-a : External Ventricular Drainage (EVD) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0061 : Trans Sphenoidal Surgery (First Otr)
  FP0061-a : Trans Sphenoidal Surgery (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0062 : Trans Oral Surgery (First Otr)
  FP0062-a : Trans Oral Surgery (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0063 : Endoscopy Procedures (First Otr)
  FP0063-a : Endoscopy Procedures (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0064 : Intra-cerebral Hematoma Evacuation (First Otr)
  FP0064-a : Intra-cerebral Hematoma Evacuation (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0065 : Temporal Lobectomy (First Otr)
  FP0065-a : Temporal Lobectomy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0066 : Lesionectomy Type - 1 (First Otr)
  FP0066-a : Lesionectomy Type - 1 (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0067 : Lesionectomy Type - 2 (First Otr)
  FP0067-a : Lesionectomy Type - 2 (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0068 : Temporal Lobectomy Plus Depth Electrodes (First Otr)
  FP0068-a : Temporal Lobectomy Plus Depth Electrodes (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0069 : Stay in General Ward @ Rs.500day (First Otr)
  FP0069-a : Stay in General Ward @ Rs.500day (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0070 : Stay in Neuro ICU @ Rs.4000day (First Otr)
  FP0070-a : Stay in Neuro ICU @ Rs.4000day (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0071 : Surgical Treatment (Up to) (First Otr)
  FP0071-a : Surgical Treatment (Up to) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0072 : Acute Severe Asthma with Acute respiratory failure (First Otr)
  FP0072-a : Acute Severe Asthma with Acute respiratory failure (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0073 : COPD Respiratory Failure (infective exacerbation) (First Otr)
  FP0073-a : COPD Respiratory Failure (infective exacerbation) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0074 : Term Baby with persistent pulmonary hypertension/meconia aspirition syndrom/mechanical ventilation/with or without clinical sepsis/with or without hyperbilirubinemia/with or without perinatal asphyxia (First Otr)
  FP0074-a : Term Baby with persistent pulmonary hypertension/meconia aspirition syndrom/mechanical ventilation/with or without clinical sepsis/with or without hyperbilirubinemia/with or without perinatal asphyxia (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0075 : Term baby with seiZures ventilated (First Otr)
  FP0075-a : Term baby with seiZures ventilated (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0076 : Acute Severe Asthma with (Ventilated) (First Otr)
  FP0076-a : Acute Severe Asthma with (Ventilated) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0077 : Infective Endocarditis (First Otr)
  FP0077-a : Infective Endocarditis (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0078 : Meningo-encephalitis (Non Ventilated) (First Otr)
  FP0078-a : Meningo-encephalitis (Non Ventilated) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0079 : Meningo-encephalitis(Ventilated) (First Otr)
  FP0079-a : Meningo-encephalitis(Ventilated) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0080 : Status Epilepticus (First Otr)
  FP0080-a : Status Epilepticus (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0081 : Intra Cranial bleed (First Otr)
  FP0081-a : Intra Cranial bleed (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0082 : Congenital heart disease with congestive cardiac failure (First Otr)
  FP0082-a : Congenital heart disease with congestive cardiac failure (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0083 : Acquired heart disease with congestive cardiac failure (First Otr)
  FP0083-a : Acquired heart disease with congestive cardiac failure (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0084 : Steroid Resistant Nephrotic syndrome Complicated ro Resistant (First Otr)
  FP0084-a : Steroid Resistant Nephrotic syndrome Complicated ro Resistant (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0085 : Sickle Cell Anemia (First Otr)
  FP0085-a : Sickle Cell Anemia (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0086 : Neuro Tuberculosis (First Otr)
  FP0086-a : Neuro Tuberculosis (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0087 : Acute Myocardial infarction (First Otr)
  FP0087-a : Acute Myocardial infarction (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0088 : Infective Endocarditis (First Otr)
  FP0088-a : Infective Endocarditis (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0089 : Complex Arrythmias (First Otr)
  FP0089-a : Complex Arrythmias (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0090 : Nephrotic Syndrome (First Otr)
  FP0090-a : Nephrotic Syndrome (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0091 : ADEM or Relapse in Multiple - sclerosis (First Otr)
  FP0091-a : ADEM or Relapse in Multiple - sclerosis (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0092 : CIDP (First Otr)
  FP0092-a : CIDP (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0093 : Haemorrhagic Stroke/Strokes (First Otr)
  FP0093-a : Haemorrhagic Stroke/Strokes (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0094 : Ischemic Strokes (First Otr)
  FP0094-a : Ischemic Strokes (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0095 : NEUROINFECTIONS - fungal meningitis (First Otr)
  FP0095-a : NEUROINFECTIONS - fungal meningitis (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0096 : NEUROINFECTIONS - pyogenic meningitis (First Otr)
  FP0096-a : NEUROINFECTIONS - pyogenic meningitis (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0097 : Meningoencephalitis (Including Herpes encephalitis) (First Otr)
  FP0097-a : Meningoencephalitis (Including Herpes encephalitis) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0098 : Neuromuscular (myasthenia gravis) (First Otr)
  FP0098-a : Neuromuscular (myasthenia gravis) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0099 : Interstitial lung disease (First Otr)
  FP0099-a : Interstitial lung disease (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0100 : Pneumoconiosis (First Otr)
  FP0100-a : Pneumoconiosis (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0101 : Pemphigus/Pemphgoid (First Otr)
  FP0101-a : Pemphigus/Pemphgoid (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0103 : SCLERODERMA (First Otr)
  FP0103-a : SCLERODERMA (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0105 : VACSULITIS (First Otr)
  FP0105-a : VACSULITIS (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0106 : Hypopitutarism (First Otr)
  FP0106-a : Hypopitutarism (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0107 : pituitary - Acromegaly (First Otr)
  FP0107-a : pituitary - Acromegaly (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0108 : Delayed Puberty Hypogonadism (ex. Turners synd,klienfelter synd) (First Otr)
  FP0108-a : Delayed Puberty Hypogonadism (ex. Turners synd,klienfelter synd) (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0109 : Gastric Varices (First Otr)
  FP0109-a : Gastric Varices (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0110 : Chronic Pancreatitis with severe pain (First Otr)
  FP0110-a : Chronic Pancreatitis with severe pain (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0111 : Cirrhosis with Hepatic Encephalopathy (First Otr)
  FP0111-a : Cirrhosis with Hepatic Encephalopathy (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0112 : Cirrhosis with Hepatic renal syndrome (First Otr)
  FP0112-a : Cirrhosis with Hepatic renal syndrome (Next 3 Qtrs)
  FP0113 : Thalassemia Major requiring Chelation (First Otr)
  FP0113-a : Thalassemia Major requiring Chelation (Next 3 Qtrs)
GASTROENTEROLOGY TN0670 : Acute Pancreatitis (Mild)
  TN0671 : Acute Pancreatitis (Severe)
  TN0672 : Obscure GI Bleed
  TN0673 : Cirrhosis with Hepatic Encephalopathy
  TN0674 : Cirrhosis with Hepato Renal Syndrome
  TN0675 : Oesophageal Fistula
  TN0676 : Corrosive Oesophageal Injury
  TN0677 : Acute Pancreatitis with Pseudocyst (Infected)
  TN0678 : Chronic Pancreatitis with Severe Pain
  TN0679 : Biliary Strictures - Post OP Stent
  TN0680 : Biliary Strictures - Post OP Leaks
  TN0681 : Biliary Strictures - Sclerosing Cholangitis
  TN0682 : Oesophageal Perforation
  TN0683 : Achalasia Cardia
  TN0684 : Oesophageal Varices, Variceal Banding
  TN0685 : Oesophageal Varices, Sclerotherapy
  TN0686 : GAVE (Gastric Antral Vascular Ectasia)
  TN0687 : Gastric Varices
GENERAL MEDICINE TN0641 : Acute Severe Asthma with Acute Respiratory Failure
  TN0642 : Copd Respiratory Failure (Infective Exacerbation)
  TN0643 : Acute Bronchitis and Pneumonia with Respiratory Failure
  TN0644 : ARDS
  TN0645 : ARDS with Multi Organ Failure
  TN0646 : ARDS Plus DIC (Blood & Blood Products)
  TN0647 : OP Poisioning Requiring Ventilatory Assistance
  TN0648 : Septic Shock (ICU Management)
  TN0649 : Metabolic Coma Requiring Ventilatory Support
  TN0650 : Thrombocytopenia with Bleeding Diathesis
  TN0651 : Hemophilia
  TN0652 : Other Coagulation Disorders
  TN0653 : Thalassemia Major requiring (Blood Transfusion + Chelation Therapy)
  TN0654 : Snake Bite Requiring Ventilator Support
  TN0655 : Scorpion Sting Requiring Ventilator Support
  TN0656 : Treatment for Sickle Cell Anemia
  TN0657 : Tetanus Severe
  TN0658 : Diphtheria Complicated
  TN0659 : Cryptococcal Meningitis
  TN0660 : Cerebral Malaria
GYNAECOLOGY & OBSTETRIC SURGERY TN0616 : Caesarean Hysterectomy with Bladder Repair
  TN0617 : Rupture Uterus with Tubectomy
  TN0618 : Eclampsia with Complications Requiring Ventilatory Support
  TN0619 : Abruptio-Placenta with Coagulation Defects (DIC)
  TN0620 : Laproscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy (LAVH)
  TN0621 : Vaginal Hysterectomy with Pelvic Floor Repair
  TN0622 : Vaginal Hysterectomy with Mesh Repair
  TN0623 : Cystocele, Rectocele & Perineorraphy
  TN0624 : Pelvic Floor Reconstruction with Mesh
  TN0625 : Mc Indo-S Repair for Vaginal Atresia
  TN0626 : Slings with Mesh Repair for Prolapse
  TN0627 : Vault Prolapse Abdominal Repair
  TN0628 : Vault Prolapse Abdominal Repair with Mesh
  TN0629 : Laparoscopic Cystectomy
  TN0630 : Laparoscopic Ectopic Resection
  TN0631 : Laparoscopic Ovarian Drilling
  TN0632 : Laparoscopic Myomectomy
  TN0633 : Laparoscopic Recanalisation
  TN0634 : Laparoscopic Sling Operations
  TN0635 : Laparoscopic Adhesolysis
  TN0636 : Vaginal Hysterectomy for BENIGN CONDITIONS
  TN0637 : Abdominal Hystrectomy for Benign Conditions
  TN0638 : Staging Laprotomy for Ovarian and Uterine Ca
  TN0639 : Wertheims Hystrectomy for Carcinoma Cervix
  TN0640 : Diagnostic Hystero- Laproscopy
  TN0972 : Ureterocele surgery
GENITOURINARY SURGERY TN0795 : A.V. Fistula (Pre-Transplant Procedure Only)
  TN0796 : Renal Transplantation Surgery
  TN0797 : Post-Transplant Immunosuppressive Treatment from 1st to 6 th Month after Transplantation
  TN0798 : Post-Transplant Immunosuppressive Treatment from 7 th to 12 th Month after Transplantation
  TN0799 : Open Pyelolithotomy
  TN0800 : Open Nephrolithotomy
  TN0801 : Open Cystolithotomy
  TN0802 : Laparoscopic Pyelolithotomy
  TN0803 : Cystolithotripsy
  TN0804 : PCNL
  TN0805 : Eswl
  TN0806 : URSL
  TN0807 : Nephrostomy
  TN0808 : DJ Stent (One Side)
  TN0809 : TURBT
  TN0810 : Single Stage Urethroplasty for Stricture Urethra
  TN0811 : Double Stage Urethroplasty for Stricture Urethra - Stage I
  TN0812 : Double Stage Urethroplasty for Stricture Urethra - Stage Ii
  TN0813 : Double Stage Urethroplasty for Stricture Urethra - Reconstructionproceedure
  TN0814 : Anatrophic Peylolithotomy for Staghorn Caliculus
  TN0815 : Torsion Testis
  TN0816 : Orchidopexy - Bilateral
  TN0817 : Chordee Correction
  TN0818 : Renal Cyst Excision
  TN0819 : Nephrectomy Pyonephrosis/XGP
  TN0820 : Simple Nephrectomy
  TN0821 : Lap. Nephrectomy - Simple
  TN0822 : Lap. Nephrectomy - Radical
  TN0823 : Lap. Partial Nephrectomy
  TN0824 : Nephroureterectomy
  TN0825 : Endoscope Removal of Stone in Bladder
  TN0826 : Vesico Vaginal Fistula
  TN0827 : Closure of Urethral Fistula
  TN0828 : Optical Urethrotomy
  TN0829 : Perineal Urethrostomy
  TN0830 : Radical Cystectomy Ileal Conduit Formation
  TN0831 : Anderson Hynes Pyeloplasty
  TN0832 : Caecocystoplasty
  TN0833 : Diverticulectomy
  TN0834 : Incontinence Urine (Female)
  TN0835 : Incontinence Urine (Male)
  TN0836 : Transurethral Resection of Prostate (TURP)
  TN0837 : Turp Cyst Lithotripsy
  TN0838 : Open Prostatectomy
  TN0839 : Total Cystectomy
  TN0966 : Epispadiasis - Correction
  TN0971 : Nephrectomy
GENERAL SURGERY TN0840 : Branchial Cyst Excision
  TN0841 : Branchial Sinus Excision
  TN0842 : Cystic Hygroma Excision-Extensive
  TN0843 : Cystic Hygroma Excision-Minor
  TN0844 : Cervical Rib Excision
  TN0845 : Excision of Lingual Thyroid
  TN0846 : Removal of Submandibular Salivary Gland
  TN0847 : Parotid Duct Repair
  TN0848: Parathyroidectomy
  TN0849 : Excision of Thyroglossal Cyst Fistula
  TN0850 : Parotidectomy
  TN0851 : Segmental Mandible Excision
  TN0852 : Partial Glossectomy
  TN0853 : Hemithyroidectomy
  TN0854 : Isthmectomy
  TN0855 : Partial Thyroidectomy
  TN0856 : Resection Enucleation
  TN0857 : Subtotal Thyroidectomy
  TN0858 : Total Thyroidectomy
  TN0859 : Simple Mastectomy(NM)
  TN0860 : Modified Radical Mastectomy
  TN0861 : Epigastric Hernia without Mesh
  TN0862 : Epigastric Hernia with Mesh
  TN0863 : Femoral Hernia
  TN0864 : Hiatus Hernia Repair Abdominal
  TN0865 : Rare Hernias (Spigalion, Obuturator, Sciatic)
  TN0866 : Umbilical Hernia without Mesh
  TN0867 : Umbilical Hernia with Mesh
  TN0868 : Ventral and Scar Hernia without Mesh
  TN0869 : Ventral and Scar Hernia with Mesh
  TN0870 : Lap. Appendicectomy
  TN0871 : Appendicular Perforation
  TN0872 : Highly Selective Vagotomy
  TN0873 : Selective Vagotomy Drainage
  TN0874 : Vagotomy Pyloroplasty
  TN0875 : Operation for Bleeding Peptic Ulcer
  TN0876 : Partial/Subtotal Gastrectomy fFor Ulcer
  TN0877 : Pyloromyotomy
  TN0878 : Duodenal Perforation
  TN0879: Gastrostomy
  TN0880 : Gastrostomy Closure
  TN0881 : Operation for Haemorrhage of The Small Intestine
  TN0882 : Operations for Recurrent Intestinal Obstruction (Noble Plication Other)
  TN0883 : Resection & Anastomosis of Small Intestine
  TN0884: Ileostomy
  TN0885 : Ileostomy Closure
  TN0886 : Total Colectomy
  TN0887: Colostomy
  TN0888 : Colostomy Closure
  TN0889 : Operation for Acute Intestinal Obstrucion
  TN0890 : Operation for Acute Intestinal Perforation
  TN0891 : Operation of the Duplication of The Intestines
  TN0892 : Pull Through Abdominal Resection
  TN0946: Tracheostomy
  TN0970 : Torsion Testis
  TN0973 : Cholecystectomy
  TN0974 : Lap.Cholecystectomy
  TN0975 : Cholecystectomy + CBD exploration
  TN0977 : Gastrojejunostomy & Vagotomy
  TN0978 : Partial Gastrectomy
  TN0986 : Splenectomy
MEDICAL ONCOLOGY TN0209 : Adriamycin/Cyclophosphamide (AC)
  TN0210 : 5- Fluorouracil A-C (FAC)
  TN0211 : AC (AC Then T)
  TN0212 : Paclitaxel
  TN0213 : Cyclophosphamide/ Methotrexate / 5 Fluorouracil (CMF)
  TN0214 : Tamoxifen Tabs
  TN0215 : Aromatase Inhibitors
  TN0216 : Bladder Cancer Weekly Cisplatin
  TN0217 : Methotrexate Vinblastine Adriamycin Cyclophosphamide (MVAC) (Outdated) CDDP + Gemcitabine
  TN0218 : Cisplatin/Etoposide (IIIB) or Pl + Taxol
  TN0219 : Cisplatin- 5Fu
  TN0220 : 5-Fu Leucovorin (Mcdonald Regimen)
  TN0221 : Monthly 5-Fu
  TN0222 : 5-Fluorouracil-Oxaliplatin Leucovorin (Folfox) (Stage III Only)
  TN0223 : Cisplatin/Adriamycin
  TN0224 : Adriamycin Bleomycin Vinblastine Dacarbazine (ABVD)
  TN0225 : Cyclophosphamide Adriamycin Vincristine Prednisone (CHOP) +Inj.Rituximab for CD20 + NHL
  TN0226 : Vincristine, Adriamycin, Dexamethasone (VAD)
  TN0227 : Thalidomide + Dexamethasone (Oral) / + or - Lenalidomide 25Mg
  TN0228 : Melphalan, Prednisone (Oral)
  TN0229 : SIOP/NWTS Regimen(Stages I - III)
  TN0230 : Cisplatin Adriamycin
  TN0231 : Cervical Cancer Weekly Cisplatin
  TN0232 : Variable Regimen
  TN0233 : Neuroblastoma ( Stages I-III ) Variable Regimen
  TN0234 : Carbo/ Etoposide/ Vincristine
  TN0235 : Histiocytosis Variable Regimen MTX + Etopioside VCR
  TN0236 : Vincristine-Actinomycin-Cyclophosphamide (VACTC) Based Chemo
  TN0237 : Ewings Sarcoma Variable Regimen
  TN0238 : Induction Phase
  TN0239 : Consolidation Phase
  TN0240 : Maintenance
  TN0241 : Induction 1st and 2nd Months
  TN0242 : Induction 3rd, 4th, 5th
  TN0243 : Induction Maintenance
  TN0244 : Palliative Chemotherapy
  TN0245 : Palliative and Supportive Therapy
  TN0246 : Vulval Cancer Cisplatin/5-Fu
  TN0247 : Vaginal Cancer Cisplatin/5-Fu
  TN0248 : Carboplatin/ Paclitaxel
  TN0249 : Ovary- Germ Cell Tumor Bleomycin-Etoposide-Cisplatin (BEP)
  TN0250 : Weekly Methotrexate
  TN0251 : Actinomycin
  TN0252 : Etoposide-Methotrexate-Actinomycin / Cyclophosphamide Avincristine (EMA-CO)
  TN0253 : Testicular Cancer Bleomycin-Etoposide-Cisplatin (BEP)
  TN0254 : Hormonal Therapy
  TN0255 : Xelox Along With Adjuvant Chemotherapy of As-I
  TN0256 : 1st Line IV Antibiotics and Other Supportive Therapy ( Third Generation Cephalosporin, Aminoglycoside Etc.,), Anti Fungal,Inj. G-Csf 300Micro GM till Blood Count Returns to Normal
  TN0257 : 2nd Line IV Antibiotics and Other Supportive Therapy (Carbapenems, Fourth Generation Cephalosporins, Piperacillin, Anti-Fungal . Azoles Etc.,)
  TN0258 : Zoledronic Acid Along with Adjuvant Chemotherapy of AS-I
  TN0259 : CML Curable T. Imatinib
  TN0260 : CLL - Bendamustine 90Mg Per Meter Sq D1 & D2, T.Chlorambucil, T.Fludarabine
  TN0261 : MDS T.Lenalidomide, Azacytidine
  TN0262 : CD 20 +Ve Lymphomas Inj.Rituximab 500 Microgram (6 Injections once In 3 Weeks)
NEONATOLOGY TN0385 : Term Baby /Culture Positive Sepsis/ Non-Ventilated/ Hyperbilirubinemia
  TN0386 : Preterm Baby/ Clinical Sepsis/ Hyperbilirubinemia (Non-Ventilated)
  TN0387 : Preterm Baby/ Hyaline Membrane Disease Clinical/Culture Positive Sepsis/Hyperbilirubinemia Mechanical Ventilation
  TN0388 : Term Baby With Severe Perinatal Asphyxia - Non-Ventilated clinical Sepsis with or without Hyperbilirubinemia
  TN0389 : Term Baby With Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension/Meconium Aspiration Syndrome/Mechanical Ventilation/with or Without- Clinical Sepsis/with or without-Hyperbilirubinemia/ with or without Perinatal Asphyxia
  TN0390 : Term Baby with Seizures Ventilated
  TN0391 : Term Baby, Septic Shock, Ventilated, Hyperbilirubinemia,with or without Renal Failure
HEPATOLOGY TN0893 : Cirrhosis of Liver
  TN0894 : Budd Chiari Syndrome
  TN0895 : Chronic Hepatitis B
  TN0896 : Chronic Hepatitis C
  TN0897 : Cirrhosis with Spontaneous Bacterial Peritonitis
  TN0898 : Fulminant Hepatic Failure
INTERVENTIONAL RADIOLOGY TN0908 : Embolization of AV Malformation of Peripheral Extremity, Craniofascial and Visceral Per Sitting
  TN0909 : Inferior Vena Cava Stenting Single Stent
  TN0910 : Acute Stroke Thrombolysis with RTPA
  TN0911 : Renal Artery Embolization with Multiple Coils and Microcatheter
  TN0912 : Cortical Venous Sinus Thrombolysis
  TN0913 : Inferior Vena Cava Filter Placement
  TN0914 : Subclavian, Iliac, Superficial Femoral Artery Stenting each with One Stent
  TN0915 : Tibial Angioplasty in Critical Limb Ischemia
  TN0916 : Mesenteric Artery Angioplasty & Stenting in Acute & Chronic Mesenteric Ischemia - Single Stent
  TN0917 : Gastrointestinal Visceral Arterial Embolization in Upper and Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding With Microcatheter
  TN0918 : Bronchial Artery Embolization in Hemoptysis using PVA and Micro Catheter
  TN0919 : Embolization of Postoperative and Post Traumatic Bleeding
  TN0920 : Biliary Drainage Procedures - External Drainage and Stent Placement - Single Metallic Stent
  TN0921 : Nephrostomy Tube and Nephroureteral Stent Placement
  TN0922 : Uterine Artery Embolization in Severe Menorrhagia Secondary Topph, Uterine Fibroids and AVM
  TN0923 : Intra-Arterial Thrombolysis for Acute Ischemic Limbs
  TN0924 : Permanent Tunnelled Catheter Placement as Substitute for AV Fistula in Long Term Dialysis
  TN0925 : Central Venous Stenting for Central Venous Occlusion (Brachiocephalic, Subclavian Vein and Sup Vena Cava) Single Metallic Stent
  TN0926 : Endovascular Intervention for Salvaging Hemodialysis AV Fistula
  TN0927 : Balloon Retrograde Transvenous Obliteration of Bleeding Gastric Varices (BRTO)
  TN0928 : Preoperative Portal Vein Embolization for Liver Tumors
  TN0929 : Chemo Embolization for Liver Tumors Using Drug and PVA or DC beads
  TN0930 : Percutaneous Vertebro Plasty/ Cementoplasty (For Each Level)
  TN0931 : Trans Jugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPSS)
  TN0932 : Embolization of Pulmonary AV Malformation
  TN0933 : Preoperative Prophylactic Tumor Embolization
  TN0934 : Embolization of AV Malformation of Brain Per Sitting with Onyx
  TN0935 : Carotid Stenting Single Stent with Protection Device
  TN0936 : Intracranial Arterial and Venous Stenting
  TN0937 : Peripheral Stent Graft for Peripheral Aneurysms and AV Fistulae
  TN0938 : Embolization of Caratico-Cavernous Fistula
  TN0939 : Guided Nerve Block
  TN0940 : Guided Ablation Technique (RFA)
  TN0941 : CT Scan Guided FNAC/Biopsy Procedures.(Lung, Bone, Abdomen etc)
  TN0942 : USG Guided Abscess Drainage (Eg. Liver Abscess, Post Op Collections)
  TN0943 : Stereotactic Mammographic Biopsy Procedures
ORTHOPEDIC TRAUMA TN0314 : Surgical Correction of Longbone Fracture
  TN0314-a : Fracture Neck/ Shaft Of Femur
  TN0314-b : Fracture Shaft of Other Long Bones (Humerus, Both Bones of Forarm, Both Bones of Leg)
  TN0315 : Correction of Non-Union Fractures
  TN0315-a : Non-Union of Fracture Of Femur
  TN0315-b : Non-Union of Other Long Bones (Humerus, Both Bones of Forarm, Both Bones of Leg)
  TN0316-a : Amputation of AK / BK
  TN0316-b : Amputation of AE / BE
  TN0316-c : Amputation of Fore-Foot
  TN0316-d : Sym's Amputation
  TN0316-e : Amputation of Toes
  TN0316-f : Amputation of Fingers
  TN0316-g : Trans Meta-Tarsal Amputation
  TN0317 : Soft Tissue Injury
  TN0318 : Arthrodesis of - Major Joints
  TN0319 : Arthroscopy - Diagnostic
  TN0320 : Arthroscopy - Operative Meniscectomy
  TN0321 : Bone Grafting as Exclusive Procedure
  TN0322 : Excision or Other Operations for Scaphoid Fractures
  TN0323 : Open Reduction & Internal Fixation of Fingers & Toes
  TN0324 : Reduction of Compound Fractures & External Fixation
  TN0325 : ILIZAROV Ring Fixator Application
  TN0326 : CTEV Neglected - Jess Fixator
  TN0327 : Open Reduction of Dislocations - Deep
  TN0328 : Amputations - Forequarter
  TN0329 : Amputations - Hind Quarter and Hemipelvectomy
  TN0330 : Arthroscopy - ACL Repair
  TN0331 : Avascular Necrosis of Femoral Head (Core Decompression)
  TN0332 : Soft Tissue Reconstruction Procedures for Joints/Osteotomy
  TN0333 : Anterolateral Clearance for Tuberculosis
  TN0334 : Costo Transversectomy
  TN0335 : Spinal Ostectomy and Internal Fixations
  TN0336 : Nerve Repair with Grafting
  TN0337 : Neurolysis/Nerve Suture
  TN0338 : Operations for Brachial Plexus & Cervical Rib
  TN0339 : Excision of Bone Tumours . Deep With Re-Construction with Conventional Prosthesis
NEUROSURGERY TN0469 : Craniotomy and Evacuation of Haematoma Subdural
  TN0470 : Others
  TN0471 : Excision of Brain Tumors Subtentorial
  TN0472 : Ventriculoatrial / Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt
  TN0473 : Twist Drill Craniostomy
  TN0474 : Subdural Tapping
  TN0475 : Ventricular Tapping
  TN0476 : Abscess Tapping
  TN0477: Vascular Malformations
  TN0478 : Craniotomy And Evacuation of Haematoma Extradural
  TN0479 : C.S.F. Rhinorrhoea
  TN0480 : Cranioplasty
  TN0481 : Excision of Brain Abcess
  TN0482 : Aneurysm Clipping
  TN0483 : External Ventricular Drainage (EVD)
  TN0484 : Evacuation of Brain Abscess-Burr Hole
  TN0485 : Excision of Lobe (Frontal, Temporal, Cerebellum etc.)
  TN0486 : Parasagital
  TN0487 : Basal
  TN0488 : Brain Stem
  TN0489 : C P Angle
  TN0490 : Surgery of Cord Tumours
  TN0491 : Spinal Intra Medullary Tumours
  TN0492 : Spina Bifida Surgery Major
  TN0493 : Spina Bifida Surgery Minor
  TN0494 : Excision of Cervical Inter-Vertebral Discs
  TN0495 : Posterior Cervical Discectomy
  TN0496 : Anterior Cervical Discectomy
  TN0497 : Anterior Cervical Spine Surgery with Fusion
  TN0498 : Anterior Lateral Decompression
  TN0499 : Laminectomy
  TN0500 : Discectomy
  TN0501 : Spinal Fusion Procedure
  TN0502 : Stereotactic Procedures
  TN0503 : Trans Sphenoidal Surgery
  TN0504 : Trans Oral Surgery
  TN0505 : Combined Trans-Oral Surgery & CV Junction Fusion
  TN0506 : C.V. Junction Fusion
  TN0507 : Endoscopy Procedures
  TN0508 : De-Compressive Craniectomy (Non Traumatic)
  TN0509 : Intra-Cerebral Hematoma Evacuation
  TN0510 : Endoscopic Third Ventriculostomy
  TN0511 : Syringomyelia
  TN0512 : Anterior Discectomy & Bone Grafting
  TN0513 : Discectomy with Implants
  TN0513-a : With Vertibroplasty
  TN0514 : Corpectomy for Spinal Fixation
  TN0515 : Spinal Fixation Rods and Plates, Artificial Discs
  TN0516 : Cervical Sympathectomy
  TN0517 : Lumbar Sympathectomy
  TN0518 : Decompression/Excision of Optic Nerve Lesions
  TN0519 : Proptosis
  TN0520 : Peripheral Nerve Injury Repair
  TN0521 : Temporal Lobectomy
  TN0522 : Lesionectomy - Type 1
  TN0523 : Lesionectomy - Type 2
  TN0524 : Temporal Lobectomy Plus Depth Electrodes
  TN0525 : Radiofrequency Ablation for Trigeminal Neuralgia
  TN0526 : Microvascular Decompression for Trigeminal Neuralgia
  TN0527 : Embolization of Aneurysm
  TN0528 : Cost of each Coil
  TN0529 : Meningo Encephalocele
  TN0530 : Meningo Myelocele
  TN0531 : Meningocele Excision
OPHTHALMOLOGY SURGERIES TN0588 : Therapeutic Penetrating Keratoplasty
  TN0589 : Lamellar Keratoplasty
  TN0590 : Corneal Patch Graft
  TN0591 : Scleral Patch Graft
  TN0592 : Penetrating Keratoplasty
  TN0593 : Double Z-Plasty
  TN0594 : Amniotic Membrane Graft
  TN0595 : Collagen Cross Linking for Keratoconus
  TN0596 : Removal of Silicon Oil or Gas
  TN0597 : Vitrectomy
  TN0598 : Vitrectomy - Membrane Peeling- Endolaser
  TN0599 : Monthly Intravitreal Anti-VEGF for Macular Degeneration - Per Injection (Maximum - 6)
  TN0600 : Vitrectomy - Membrane Peeling- Endolaser , Silicon Oil Or Gas
  TN0601 : Scleral Buckle for Retinal Detachment
  TN0602 : Photocoagulation for Diabetic Retinopathy Per Sitting
  TN0603 : Vitrectomy Plus Silicon Oil or Gas
  TN0604 : Socket Reconstruction
  TN0605 : Dermis Fat Graft
  TN0606 : Orbitotomy
  TN0607 : Enucleation with Orbital Implant
  TN0608 : Rectus Muscle Surgery (Single)
  TN0609 : Rectus Muscle Surgery (Two/Three)
  TN0610 : Oblique Muscle
  TN0611 : Lid Reconstruction Surgery -
  TN0612 : Paediatric Catract Surgery (Phacoemulsification-IOL)
  TN0613 : Photocoagulation for Retinopathy of Prematurity
  TN0614 : Glaucoma Filtering Surgery for Paediatric Glaucoma
  TN0615 : Adult Glaucoma Surgery, Trabeculectomy, Implant Surgery
NEPHROLOGY TN0698 : Acute Renal Failure-(ARF)
  TN0699 : Nephrotic Syndrome
  TN0700 : Rapidly Progressive Renal Failure (RPRF)
  TN0701 : Chronic Renal Failure 1 (CRF )
  TN0702 : Maintenance Haemodialysis For CRF
  TN0702a: Peritoneal Dialysis
  TN0703 : ESRD
  TN0704 : Kidney Biopsy
PAEDIATRICS TN0373 : Acquired Heart Disease with Congestive Cardiac Failure
  TN0374 : Inborn Error of Metabolism
  TN0375 : Kerosene Ingestion
  TN0376 : Immuno Deficiency
  TN0377 : Interstital Lung Disease
  TN0378 : Hemophagocytic Lympho Histiocytosis
  TN0379 : Hypoplastic/Aplastic Anemia (Fanconi Anemia)
  TN0380 : Wilsons Disease
  TN0381 : Neonatal Cholestasis
  TN0382 : End Stage Renal Disease (Per-Patient)
  TN0383 : Guillian - Barre Syndrome
  TN0384 : Thalassemia Major Requiring Chelation Therapy
PAEDIATRIC INTENSIVE CARE TN0392 : Severe Bronchiolitis/Severe Broncho Pneumonia/Severe aspiration Pneumonia (Non-Ventilated)
  TN0393 : Severe Bronchiolitis/Severe Broncho Pneumonia/Severe aspiration Pneumonia (Ventilated)
  TN0394 : Acute Severe Asthma (Ventilated)
  TN0395 : Severe Myocarditis/Congenital Heart Disease with Infection and/or Cardiogenic Shock/Cardiogenic Shock/Infective Endocarditis(Non-Ventilated)
  TN0396 : Septic Shock/Infective Endocarditis( Ventilated)
  TN0397 : Febrile Seizures (Mechanical Ventilated)
  TN0398 : Meningitis/Encephalitis (Non-Ventilated)
  TN0399 : Meningitis/Encephalitis/Status Epilepticus (Ventilated)
  TN0400 : Intra Cranial Bleed
  TN0401 : Acute Gastro Intestinal Bleed
  TN0402 : Acute Pancreatitis/Acute Hepatitis
  TN0403 : Acute Hepatitis with Hepatic Encephalopathy
  TN0404 : Severe Pancratitis Requiring Surgery as Add on
  TN0405 : Acute Renal Failure
  TN0406 : Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  TN0407 : Dengue Shock Syndrome
  TN0408 : Snake Bite Requiring Ventilator Assistance
  TN0409 : Scorpion Sting with Myocarditis and Cardiogenic Shock Requiring Ventilatory Assistance
  TN0410 : Poison Ingestion/ Aspiration Requiring Ventilatory Assistance
  TN0411 : Acute Broncho/ Lobarpneumonia with Empyema/ Pleural Effusion/Pyopneumothorax
  TN0412 : Acute Stridor/Foreign Body Obstruction
  TN0413 : Nehrotic Syndrome/Acute Glomerulo Nephritis
  TN0414 : Recurrent Urinary Tract Infection with Complications like Pyelonephritis and Renal Failure
  TN0415 : Acute Renal Failure with or without Dialysis
  TN0416 : Haemophillia Including Von Willibrands
  TN0417 : Pyogenic Meningitis
  TN0418 : Neuro Tuberculosis/Neurocysticercosis
  TN0419 : Idipopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura
  TN0420 : ECMO-Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation
  TN0421 : Adverse Events following Immunisation
  TN0422 : Multi System Organ Failure
  TN0423 : Necrotising Enterocolitis, Clinical Sepsis Non-Ventilated hyper-bilirubinemia
PLASTIC SURGERY TN0278 : Upto-40% With Scalds (Conservative)
  TN0279 : Upto-40% Mixed Burns (With Surgeries)
  TN0280 : Upto-50% With Scalds (Conservative)
  TN0281 : Upto-50% Mixed Burns (With Surgeries)
  TN0282 : Upto-60% With Scalds (Conservative)
  TN0283 : Up To-60% Mixed Burns (With Surgeries)
  TN0284 : Above 60% Mixed Burns (With Surgeries)
  TN0285 : Mild
  TN0286 : Moderate
  TN0287 : Severe
  TN0288 : Ptosis
  TN0289 : Cup and Bat Ears
  TN0290 : Reduction Surgery for Filarial Lymphoedema
  TN0291 : Hemifacial Atrophy
  TN0292 : Hemifacial Microsmia
  TN0293 : Leprosy Reconstructive Surgeroy
  TN0294 : Nerve and Tendon Repair + Vascular Repair
  TN0295 : Tumour of Mandible and Maxilla
  TN0296 : Vaginal Atresia
  TN0297 : Vascular Malformations
  TN0298 : Corrective Surgery for Congenital Deformity of Hand (Per Hand)
  TN0299 : Corrective Surgery for Craniosynostosis
  TN0300 : Flapcover for Electrical Burns with Vitals Exposed
  TN0301 : Reconstructive Lower Limb Surgery Following Infection, Trauma, Tumors / Malignancy, Developmental Including Diabetic Foot - Mild
  TN0302 : Reconstructive Lower Limb Surgery Following Infection, Trauma, Tumors / Malignancy, Developmental Including Diabetic Foot - Moderate
  TN0303 : Reconstructive Lower Limb Surgery Following Infection, Trauma, Tumors / Malignancy, Developmental Including Diabetic Foot - Severe
  TN0304 : Pressure Sore Reconstructive Surgery
  TN0305 : Abdominal Wall Reconstruction Including Post Cancer Excision.
  TN0306 : Reconstructive Micro Surgery A) Replantation of Hand, Finger, Thumb, Arm, Scalp etc
  TN0307 : Reconstructive Micro Surgery B) Free Tissue Transfer
  TN0308 : Reconstructive Hand And Upper Limb Surgery following Trauma, Infection, Malignancy -Mild
  TN0309 : Reconstructive Hand And Upper Limb Surgery following Trauma, Infection, Malignancy -Moderate
  TN0310 : Reconstructive Hand And Upper Limb Surgery following Trauma, Infection, Malignancy -Severe
  TN0311 : Flap Surgeries A) Cutaneous Flap
  TN0312 : Flap Surgeries B) Myocutaneous Flap
  TN0313 : Flap Surgeries C) Osteo Myocutaneous Flap
  TN0948 : Cleft Lip
  TN0949 : Cleft Palate
  TN0950 : Syndactyly of Hand for each hand
  TN0951 : Microtia/Anotia
  TN0952 : TM Joint Ankylosis
  TN0953 : Velo-Pharyngial Incompetence
  TN0954 : Reconstructive Micro Surgery C) Brachial Plexus Surgery
  TN0955 : Reconstructive Breast Surgery Following Cancer Excision, Reduction, Augmentation
  TN0956 : Reconstructive surgery follwing facio maxillary trauma, fracture mandible, maxilla
PAEDIATRIC SURGERIES TN0424 : Oesophageal Atresia
  TN0425 : Intestinal Atresias & Obstructions
  TN0426 : Biliary Atresia & Choledochal Cyst
  TN0427 : Anorectal Malformations - Stage 1
  TN0428 : Anorectal Malformations - Stage 2
  TN0429 : Anorectal Malformation - Stage 3
  TN0430 : Hirschprungs Disease - Stage 1
  TN0431 : Hirschprungs Disease - Stage 2
  TN0432 : Congenital Hydronephrosis
  TN0433 : Extrophy Bladder - Stage 1
  TN0434 : Extrophy Bladder - Stage 2
  TN0435 : Posterior Urethral Valves
  TN0436 : Hamartoma Excision
  TN0437 : Hemangioma Excision
  TN0438 : Lymphangioma Excision
  TN0439 : Neuroblastoma
  TN0440 : Congenital Dermal Sinus
  TN0441 : Cystic Lesions of the Neck
  TN0442 : Encephalocele
  TN0443 : Sinuses & Fistula of the Neck
  TN0444 : Paediatric Esophageal Obstructions-Surgical Correction
  TN0445 : Paediatric Esophageal Substitutions
  TN0446 : Thoracoscopic Cysts Excision
  TN0447 : Thoracoscopic Decortication
  TN0448 : Thoracic Duplications
  TN0449 : Thoracic Wall Defects- Correction
  TN0450 : Laparoscopic Pull Through Surgeries for HD
  TN0451 : Gastro Esophageal Reflux Correction
  TN0452 : Intestinal Polyposis Surgical Correction
  TN0453 : Laparoscopic Pull Through for Ano Rectal Anomalies
  TN0454 : Gastric Outlet Obstructions
  TN0455 : Surgeries on Adrenal Gland in Children
  TN0456 : Paediatric Splenectomy (Non-Traumatic)
  TN0457 : Hydatid Cysts in Paediatric Patient
  TN0458 : Paediatric Acute Intestinal Obstruction
  TN0459 : Laparoscopic Orchidopexy
  TN0460 : Laparoscopic Varicocele Ligation
  TN0461 : Scrotal Transposition Repair
  TN0462 : Undescended Testis
  TN0463 : Intersex
  TN0464 : Congenital Urogenital Anomaly Staged Correction
  TN0465 : Bladder Augmentation and Substitution
  TN0466 : Ureterostomy and Ureterostomy Closure
  TN0467 : Tumors (Neonates)
  TN0468 : Congenital Lung Lesions (CLE, CCAM)
  TN0959 : Tracheo Oesophageal Fistula
  TN0967 : Intususception
  TN0968 : Volvulus
  TN0969 : Malrotation
POLY TRAUMA TN0340 : Grade-I & II
  TN0341 : Grade-III
  TN0342 : Flap Cover Surgery for Wound in Compound Fracture
  TN0343 : Surgery for Patella Fracture (To Be Covered along with Other Injuries only and not as Exclusive Procedure)
  TN0344 : Small Bone Fractures-K-Wiring (To Be Covered along with Other Injuries Only and not as Exclusive Procedure)
  TN0345-a : Sacro Illiac Joint
  TN0345-b : Acetabular
  TN0346 : HDP/PP
  TN0347 : Fibre
  TN0348 : Modular
  TN0349 : Below Knee(BK/PTB) Prostheses - HDP/PP
  TN0350 : Below Knee(BK/PTB) Prostheses - Fibre
  TN0351 : Below Knee(BK/PTB) Prostheses - Modular
  TN0352 : Through Knee Prostheses - HDP/PP
  TN0353 : Through Knee Prostheses - Fibre
  TN0354 : Through Knee Prostheses - Modular
  TN0355 : Above Knee(AK) Prostheses - HDP/PP
  TN0356 : Above Knee(AK) Prostheses - Fibre
  TN0357 : Above Knee(AK) Prostheses - Modular
  TN0358 : Hip Disarticulation Prosthesis -HDP/PP
  TN0359 : Hip Disarticulation Prosthesis - Fibre
  TN0360 : Hip Disarticulation Prosthesis - Modular
  TN0361 : Partial Foot Prostheses
  TN0362: UPPERLIMB -Below Elbow- HDP/PP
  TN0363: UPPERLIMB -Below Elbow - Fibre
  TN0364: UPPERLIMB -Below Elbow- Modular
  TN0365: UPPERLIMB -Above Elbow -HDP/PP
  TN0366: UPPERLIMB-Above Elbow - Fibre
  TN0367: UPPERLIMB -Above Elbow - Modular
  TN0368: UPPERLIMB - Whole Upper Limb - HDP/PP
  TN0369: UPPERLIMB - Whole Upper Limb - Fibre
  TN0370: UPPERLIMB - Whole Upper Limb - Modular
  TN0899 : Chest Injuries Conservative Stay in General Ward @ Rs.500/Day
  TN0900 : Stay in Respiratory ICU @ Rs.4000/Day
  TN0901 : Surgical Treatment
  TN0902 : Stay in General Ward @Rs.500/Day
  TN0903 : Stay in Neuro ICU @Rs.4000/Day
  TN0904 : Surgical Treatment
  TN0905 : Abdominal Injuries Conservative Stay in General Ward @ Rs.500/Day
  TN0906 : Stay in Surgical ICU @ Rs.1000/Day
  TN0907 : Abdominal Injuries Conservative Surgical Treatment
RADIATION ONCOLOGY TN0263 : Radical Treatment
  TN0264 : Palliative Treatment
  TN0265 : Adjuvant Treatment
  TN0266 : Radical Treatment with Photons
  TN0267 : Palliative Treatment with Photons
  TN0268 : Adjuvant Treatment with Photons/Electrons
  TN0269 : A) Intracavitary I. LDR Per Application
  TN0270 : A) Intracavitary II. HDR Per Application
  TN0271 : B) Interstitial I. LDR Per Application
  TN0272 : B) Interstitial II. HDR One Application and Multiple Dose Fractions
  TN0273 : IMRT - Upto 40 Fractions in 8 weeks
  TN0274 : 3D CRT - Upto 30 Fractions in 6 weeks
  TN0275 : SRS / SRT - Upto 30 Fractions in 6 weeks
  TN0276 : IMRT WITH IGRT - Up To 40 Fractions in 8 Weeks
  TN0277: Rapid Ax Therapy - Up to 40 fractions in 8 weeks
REPLACEMENT TN0371 : Toal Knee Replacement
  TN0372 : Total Hip Replacement
PULMONLOGY TN0661 : Bronchiectasis with Repeated Hospitalisation > 6 Per Year
  TN0662 : Interstitial Lung Diseases
  TN0663 : Pneumoconiosis
  TN0664 : Acute Respiratory Failure (Without Ventilator)
  TN0665 : Acute Respiratory Failure (With Ventilator-for Minimum 5 Days)
  TN0666 : Lung Absces, Non-Resolving
  TN0667 : Pneumothorax (Large/Recurrent)
  TN0668 : Malignant Pleural Effusion
  TN0669 : Massive Hemoptysis
RHEUMATOLOGY TN0722 : SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosis)
  TN0723 : SLE With Sepsis
  TN0724 : Scleroderma
  TN0725 : MCTD Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder
  TN0726 : Vasculitis
  TN0727 : Primary Sjogren'S Syndrome (7 Days Stay)
RADIATION ONCOLOGY TN0263 : Radical Treatment
  TN0264 : Palliative Treatment
  TN0265 : Adjuvant Treatment
  TN0266 : Radical Treatment with Photons
  TN0267 : Palliative Treatment with Photons
  TN0268 : Adjuvant Treatment with Photons/Electrons
  TN0269 : A) Intracavitary I. LDR Per Application
  TN0270 : A) Intracavitary II. HDR Per Application
  TN0271 : B) Interstitial I. LDR Per Application
  TN0272 : B) Interstitial II. HDR One Application and Multiple Dose Fractions
  TN0273 : IMRT - Upto 40 Fractions in 8 weeks
  TN0274 : 3D CRT - Upto 30 Fractions in 6 weeks
  TN0275 : SRS / SRT - Upto 30 Fractions in 6 weeks
  TN0276 : IMRT WITH IGRT - Up To 40 Fractions in 8 Weeks
  TN0277: Rapid Ax Therapy - Up to 40 fractions in 8 weeks
SURGICAL ONCOLOGY TN0080 : Composite Resection & Reconstruction
  TN0081 : Wide Excision
  TN0082 : Hemiglossectomy
  TN0083 : Maxillectomy - Any Type
  TN0084 : Thyroidectomy - Any Type
  TN0085 : Parotidectomy - Any Type
  TN0086 : Laryngectomy - Any Type
  TN0087 : Laryngopharyngo Oesophagectomy
  TN0088 : Oesophagectomy - Any Type
  TN0089 : Colectomy - Any Type
  TN0090 : Whipples - Any Type
  TN0091 : Triple Bypass
  TN0092 : Other Bypasses-Pancreas
  TN0093 : Radical Nephrectomy
  TN0094 : Emasculation
  TN0095 : Radical Cystectomy
  TN0096 : Other Cystectomies
  TN0097 : Inguinal Block Dissection - One Side
  TN0098 : Radical Prostatectomy
  TN0099 : High Orchidectomy
  TN0100 : Bilateral Orchidectomy
  TN0101 : Hysterectomy
  TN0102 : Radical Hysterectomy
  TN0103 : Surgery for Ca Ovary - Early Stage
  TN0104 : Surgery for Ca Ovary - Advance Stage
  TN0105 : Vulvectomy
  TN0106 : Salpingo Oophorectomy
  TN0107 : Mastectomy - Any Type
  TN0108 : Axillary Dissection
  TN0109 : Wide Excision
  TN0110 : Lumpectomy
  TN0111 : Chest Wall Resection
  TN0112 : Skin Tumors Wide Excision
  TN0113 : Skin Tumorswide Excision + Reconstruction
  TN0114 : Skin Tumors Amputation
  TN0115 : Wide Excision
  TN0116 : Wide Excision + Reconstruction
  TN0117 : Amputation
  TN0118 : Lung Cancer Pneumonectomy
  TN0119 : Lung Cancer Lobectomy
  TN0120 : Decortication
  TN0121 : Surgical Correction of Bronchopleural Fistula - Thoracoplasty
  TN0122 : Surgical Correction of Bronchopleural Fistula - Myoplasty
  TN0123 : Surgical Correction of Bronchopleural Fistula - Transpleural BPFClosure
  TN0124 : Operation of Adernal Glands - Bilateral for Tumor
  TN0125 : Operation on Adrenal Glands - Unilateral for Tumour
  TN0126 : Orbital Exenteration
  TN0127 : Maxillectomy + Orbital Exenteration
  TN0128 : Maxillectomy + Infratemporal Fossa Clearance
  TN0129 : Cranio Facial Resection
  TN0130 : Resection of Nasopharyngeal Tumor
  TN0131 : Palatectomy - Any Type
  TN0132 : Sleeve Resection
  TN0133 : Lateral Temporal Bone Resection
  TN0134 : Subtotal Temporal Bone Resection
  TN0135 : Total Temporal Bone Resection
  TN0136 : Submandibular Gland Excision
  TN0137 : Tracheal Resection
  TN0138 : Sternotomy + Superior Mediastinal Dissection
  TN0139 : Parathyroidectomy
  TN0140 : Small Bowel Resection
  TN0141 : Closure of Ileostomy
  TN0142 : Closure of Colostomy
  TN0143 : Abdomino Perineal Resection (APR) + Sacrectomy
  TN0144 : Posterior Exenteration
  TN0145 : Total Exenteration
  TN0146 : Radical Cholecystectomy
  TN0147 : Resection of Retroperitoneal Tumors
  TN0148 : Abdominal Wall Tumor Resection
  TN0149 : Resection with Reconstruction
  TN0150 : Bilateral Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection (BPLND)
  TN0151 : Radical Trachelectomy
  TN0152 : Radical Vaginectomy
  TN0153 : Radical Vaginectomy + Reconstruction
  TN0154 : Radical Hysterectomy + Bilateral Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection (BPLND) + Bilateral Salpingo Ophorectomy (BSO) / Ovarian Transposition
  TN0155 : Anterior Exenteration
  TN0156 : Posterior Exenteration
  TN0157 : Total Pelvic Exenteration
  TN0158 : Supra Levator Exenteration
  TN0159 : Total Abdominal Hysterectomy(TAH) + Bilateral Salpingo Ophorectomy (BSO) + Bilateral Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection (BPLND) + Omentectomy
  TN0160 : Chest Wall Resection
  TN0161 : Chest Wall Resection + Reconstruction
  TN0162 : Without Prosthesis
  TN0163 : With Custom Made Prosthesis
  TN0164 : With Modular Prosthesis
  TN0165 : Forequarter Amputation
  TN0166 : Hemipelvectomy
  TN0167 : Internal Hemipelvectomy
  TN0168 : Curettage & Bone Cement
  TN0169 : Bone Resection
  TN0170 : Shoulder Girdle Resection
  TN0171 : Sacral Resection
  TN0172 : Partial Nephrectomy
  TN0173 : Nephroureterectomy for Transitional Cell Carcinima of Renal Pelvis
  TN0174 : Retro Peritoneal Lymph Node Dissection(RPLND) (for Residual disease)
  TN0175 : Adrenalectomy
  TN0176 : Urinary Diversion
  TN0177 : Retro Peritoneal Lymph Node Dissection (RPLND) as Part of Staging
  TN0178 : Ca Urinary Bladder
  TN0179 : Anterior Exenteration
  TN0180 : Total Exenteration
  TN0181 : Bilateral Pelvic Lymph Node Dissection (BPLND)
  TN0182 : Mediastinal Tumor Resection
  TN0183 : Lung Metastatectomy - Solitary
  TN0184 : Lung Metastatectomy - Multiple
  TN0185 : Sleeve Resection of Lung Cancer.
  TN0186 : Oesophagectomy with Two Field Lymphadenectomy
  TN0187 : Oesophagectomy with Three Field Lymphadenectomy
  TN0188 : Tracheostomy
  TN0189 : Substernal Bypass
  TN0190 : Gastrostomy
  TN0191 : Jejunostomy
  TN0192 : Ileostomy
  TN0193 : Colostomy
  TN0194 : Suprapubic Cystostomy
  TN0195 : Intercostal Drainage (ICD)
  TN0196 : Gastro Jejunostomy
  TN0197 : Ileotransverse Colostomy
  TN0198 : Myocutaneous / Cutaneous Flap
  TN0199 : Micro Vascular Reconstruction
  TN0200 : Marginal Mandibulectomy
  TN0201 : Segmental Mandibulectomy
  TN0202 : Total Glossectomy + Reconstruction
  TN0203 : Full Thickness Buccal Mucosal Resection & Reconstruction
  TN0204 : Abbe Operation
  TN0205 : Vermilionectomy
  TN0206 : Wedge Excision & Vermilionectomy
  TN0207 : Wedge Excision
  TN0208 : Cryotherapy for Treatment Of Malignancies
  TN0957 : Head & Neck Cancer Resection and Reconstruction
  TN0958 : Cutaneous tumor resection and reconstruction
  TN0979 : Total Gastrectomy
  TN0984 : Right Hemicolectomy
  TN0985 : Left Hemicolectomy
  TN0989 : Soft tissue tumors wide excision
VASCULAR SURGERIES TN0532 : A V Fistula at Wrist
  TN0533 : A. V Fistula at Elbow
  TN0534 : D V T - IVC Filter
  TN0535 : Peripheral Embolectomy without Graft
  TN0536 : Excision of Arterio Venous Malformation - Large
  TN0537 : Excision of Arterio Venous Malformation - Small
  TN0538 : Arterial Embolectomy
  TN0539 : Vascular Tumors
  TN0540 : Small Arterial Aneurysms - Repair
  TN0541 : Medium Size Arterial Aneurysms - Repair
  TN0542 : Medium Size Arterial Aneurysms with Synthetic Graft
  TN0543 : Aorto Billiac - Bifemoral Bypass with Synthetic Graft
  TN0544 : Axillo Bifemoral Bypass with Synthetic Graft
  TN0545 : Femoro Distal Bypass with Vein Graft
  TN0546 : Femoro Distal Bypass with Synthetic Graft
  TN0547 : Axillo Brachial Bypass Using Synthetic Graft
  TN0548 : Brachio - Radial Bypass with Synthetic Graft
  TN0549 : Carotid Body Tumor - Excision
  TN0550 : Carotid Artery Bypass with Synthetic Graft
  TN0551 : Surgery Without Graft for Arterial Injuries Venous Injuries
  TN0552 : Vascular Injury in Upper Limbs - Axillary, Branchial, Radial and Ulnar - Repair with Vein Graft
  TN0553 : Major Vascular Injury -in Lower Limbs-Repair
  TN0554 : Major Vascular Injury Repair- Tibial Vessels in Leg
  TN0555 : Major Vascular Injury Repair -Vessels in Foot
  TN0556 : Surgery with Vein Graft
  TN0557 : With Prosthetic Graft
  TN0558 : Neck Vascular Injury - Carotid Vessels
  TN0559 : Abdominal Vascular Injuries - Aorta, Illac Arteries, IVC, Iliac Veins
  TN0560 : Thoracic Vascular Injuries
  TN0561 : Minor Vascular Injury Repair Vessels in Foot
  TN0562 : Carotid Endarterectomy
  TN0563 : Varicose Veins RFA
  TN0736 : Lt. Hepatectomy
  TN0737 : Segmentectomy
  TN0738 : Operation for Hydatid Cyst of Liver
  TN0739 : Portocaval Anastomosis
  TN0740 : Hepato Cellular Carcinoma (Advanced) Radio Frequency Ablation
  TN0741 : Haemangioma SOL Liver Hepatectomy + Wedge Resection
  TN0742 : Lienorenal Shunt
  TN0743 : Devascularisation with Oesophageal Transection
  TN0744 : Splenorenal Anastomosis
  TN0745 : Warren Shunt
  TN0746 : Splenectomy + Devascularisation + Spleno Renal Shunt
  TN0747 : Spleenectomy for Space Occupying Lesion
  TN0748 : Surgery for Bleeding Ulcers
  TN0749 : Surgery for Obscure GI Bleed
  TN0750 : Colonic Pull Up
  TN0751 : Oesophagectomy
  TN0752 : Oesophago-Gastrectomy
  TN0753 : Lap Heller -S Myotomy
  TN0754 : Lap Fundoplications
  TN0755 : Distal Gastrectomy for Gastric Outlet Obstruction
  TN0756 : Surgery For Corrosive Injury Stomach
  TN0757 : Lap Adhesiolysis
  TN0758 : I Stage-Sub Total Colectomy + Ileostomy
  TN0759 : II Stage-J - Pouch
  TN0760 : III Stage-Ileostomy Closure
  TN0761 : I Stage- Sub Total Colectomy + Ileostomy + J - Pouch
  TN0762 : II Stage- Ileostomy Closure
  TN0763 : Extended Right Hemicolectomy
  TN0764 : Anterior Resection with Ileostomy
  TN0765 : Hartman.S Procedure with Colostomy
  TN0766 : Cyst Excision + Hepatic Jejunostomy
  TN0767 : Hepatico Jejunostomy
  TN0768 : GB+ Calculi CBD Stones or Dilated CBD
  TN0769 : Choledochoduodenostomy or Choledocho Jejunostomy
  TN0770 : Lap Cholecystostomy With Exploration CBD
  TN0771 : Cholecystostomy
  TN0772 : Repair Of Cbd
  TN0773 : Distal Pancreatectomy
  TN0774 : Enucleation Of Cyst
  TN0775: Whipples Any Type
  TN0776: Tripple Bypass
  TN0777 : Other Bypasses, Frey'S Pancreatic Head & DJ
  TN0778 : Lap- Pancreatic Necrosectomy
  TN0779 : Lateral Pancreaticojejunostomy(Non- Malignant)
  TN0780 : Pancreatic Necrosectomy (Open)
  TN0781 : Distal Pancreatectomy + Splenectomy
  TN0782 : Central Pancreatectomy
  TN0783 : Cysto Jejunostomy
  TN0784 : Cysto Gastrostomy
  TN0785 : Pancreatitis - CBD Caluculi
  TN0786 : Pseudocust of Pancresas
  TN0787 : Choledochal Cyst - Jaundice
  TN0788 : Pancreas Divisum
  TN0789 : Sclerosing Choloangitis
NEUROLOGY TN0705 : ADEM or Relapse in Multiple Sclerosis
  TN0706 : Neuropathies (GBS)
  TN0707 : Optic Neuritis
  TN0708 : Immunoglobulin Therapy - IV
  TN0709 : Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Poly Neuropathy (CIDP)
  TN0710 : Hemorrhagic Stroke/Strokes
  TN0711 : Ischemic Strokes
  TN0712 : Myopathies - Acquired
  TN0713 : Neuromuscular (Myasthenia Gravis)
  TN0714 : Neuroinfections -Pyogenic Meningitis
  TN0715 : Tb Meningitis
  TN0716 : Neuroinfections -Viral Meningoencephalitis (Includingherpes Encephalitis)
  TN0717 : Fungal Meningitis (Min 20 Days In ICU)
  TN0718 : Management of Coma
Period covered: One year
Maximum Limit: Rs.1,50,000

Free health camps / screening camps will be conducted by network hospitals as per the directions given by Project Director of Tamil Nadu Health Systems Society. Minimum of one camp per month per empanelled hospital will be held in the districts in each policy year. The persons who need treatment are identified in the Health camps. Such patients can approach the hospital in the network and follow the guidelines below:
1.    A new Health Insurance identity card with biometrics is being issued to all those members who have been holding the smart cards in the earlier scheme. Till such time new cards are issued the public can use the earlier smart (Health) cards
2.    This card should be shown at the Assistance Counter established at the empanelled hospital.
3.    After due verification of the details and authenticating the identity of the patient by the Liaison Officer, the necessary Pre-authorisation request for cashless facility will be submitted by the DMO of the hospital.
4.    The Project Office will approve the request on authentication of the identity and provided the procedure planned is within the Scheme
Even those patients who have the smart cards, though not identified through the Health Camps can also avail the benefit as above.

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