::: BIO MEDICAL WASTE : Categorization of Waste
Categorization of waste:
option Waste category Treatment/disposal
Cat.no.1 Human Anatomical waste-human tissues ,body parts,etc. Incineration/Deep burial
Cat.no.2 Animal waste-animal tissues,body parts,organs,etc. Incineration/Deep burial
Cat.no.3 Microbiology and Biotechnology waste-wastes from laboratory cultures,stocks,specimens of microorganisms,etc. Incineration/microwaving/local autoclaving ,disinfection.
Cat,no.4 - Waste sharps needles,syringes,scalpels,blades,glass,etc which may be used and unused Disinfected by chemical treatment/autoclaving/microwaving &mutilation/shredding
Cat.no.5 Discarded medicines and cytotoxic drugs-wastes comprising of outdated,contaminated and discarded medicine. Incineration/Secured landfill
Cat.no.6 Soiled waste-items contaminated with body fluids including cotton, dressing plaster casts, etc. Incineration/autoclaving/microwaving
Cat.no.7 Solid waste-wastes from disposable items other than the waste sharps like tubing’s, catheters, intravenous sets, etc. Disinfection by chemical treatment/autoclaving/microwaving and mutilation/shredding
Cat.no8 Liquid waste-waste generated from laboratory and washing, cleaning, disinfection activities, etc. Disinfection by chemical treatment and discharge into drains
Cat.no.9 Incineration ash-incineration of any bio-medical waste. Disposal in municipal landfill
Cat.no10 Chemical waste-chemicals used in disinfection, production of biological.etc Chemical treatment and discharge into drains for liquids and secured landfills for solids.
Surveillance of BMW.
1. segregation,   disinfection, temporary storage and transport  of BMW.
Daily ward rounds by medical officers and staff nurses.
Weekly rounds by the team of  nodal officer , medical officers , staff nurses and health inspector.
Inspection of the OPD, wards, laboratories, anatomical dissection hall   and  operation theatres .
2.Common storage area and transport of BMW to CTF [ Common treatment facility]
Inspection of the common storage area is done periodically  [daily by the designated staff nurses ,once in fortnight by the BMW TEAM headed by the nodal officer].for  proper  temporary  storage , record maintenance and  inspection of the transporting vehicle.

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