In compliance with the judgement of the Hon’ble Supreme Court and as directed by the Medical Council  of India, a  committee has been formed for inquiry into cases of Gender and Sexual Harassment at Madras

Medical College with the following members.

1.Pre Clinical                                         Dr Sudha Seshayyan
                                                               Director and Professor, Instt. of Anatomy

2.Para Clinical                                        Dr Sudha Venkatesh, Prof of Pathology

3.Clinical                                                Dr P.Dhakshayani, Prof of Geriatric Surgery

4.Post Graduate Department                   Dr Euphrasia Latha, Prof of Microbiology

5.College/School of Nursing                  Dr D.Nanavathi,Principal,School of Nursing

6.College of Pharmacy                           Dr.N.Jayasree,M.pharm,Ph.D.,

7.Ministerial Staff                                   Tmt J.Rajalakshmi,Junior Admin.Officer

8.Staff Nursing                                        Tmt.Gopaldevi,Nurse

9.Technician                                            Tmt.V.K.Sasikala,Lab Technician,Grade I

10.Pharmacist                                         Tmt Shanthi  Ganesh,Pharmacist

11.Basic Servant                                     Tmt.C.Rajammal,FNA,Grade I

12.Social Worker                                    Tmt.Varalakshmi,psychiatric Social Worker

13.Aids Network                                     Tmt Bakya Lakshmi

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