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Short History of the Department
               Government General hospital Chennai, a component institution of the MadrasMedicalCollege,is two centuries young. Neurological Sciences as a functioning sub specialty commenced with the stepping in the portals of this institution by Dr. B.Ramamurthi in 1950 to initiate the department of Neurosurgery, though in the private sector Dr. S.T. Narsimhan had commenced the practice of Neuro-Sciences earlier. Neurology in Chennai saw its birth even at this stage with Dr. G. Arjundas joining Dr. B. Ramamurthi as the first neurologist followed later by sequential addition to the department of Dr. V. Balasubramanian in Neurosurgery, Dr. K.Jagannathan in Neurology. It goes to the credit of this group of pioneers not –only to have commenced the department of neurosciences at Government General Hospital but they were also responsible for the initiation of similar sister departments at Madurai and Stanley Medical College.
               The foundation stone of the institute of Neurology within this Government General Hospital complex was laid on 8th March 1968 by the late Chief Minister of Tamilnadu Perarignar Anna who helped us to construct this massive six storied building at a cost of 17.5 lakhs within a
record time of two years and subsequently it was the inagurated by his excellency Thiru .V.V.Giri, former president of  India in 1972. This institute in an earlier era trained 40% of neuro scientists in this country and now is responsible for and continues to shoulder an almost similar burden towards this state of Tamilnadu even to this day.
Academic Activities
Three Courses :
        1. 5 Year  MCh Neurosurgery
        2. 3 year MCh Neurosurgery
        3. 3 year DM Neurology
  5 years MCh Neurosurgery  3 years MCh Neurosurgery 3 years DM Neurology
Eligibility M.B.,B.S., M.S. General Surgery MD General Medicine
MD Paediatrics
Course Duration 5 years 3 years 3 years
Sanctioned Number of Seats 2 12 14
Affiliated University The TN Dr.MGR.MedicalUniversity, Chennai The TN
Dr.MGR.MedicalUniversity, Chennai The TN DrMGR.MedicalUniversity, Chennai
Selection Procedure Through TNPG Medical Entrance Exam conducted by Selection
Committee, DME in Jan-Feb of every year  Through DM, MCh Superspeciality Entrance
Exam conducted by Selection Committee, DME in Jun-Jul of every year Through DM, MCh
Superspeciality Entrance Exam conducted by Selection Committee, DME in Jun-Jul of
University Examination Details By The TN MGRMedicalUniversity By The TN
MGRMedicalUniversity By The TN MGRMedicalUniversity
Periodic Academic Activities Held in the department
        1. Bed Side Teaching during Ward Rounds
        2. Brief Case Presentation during Outpatient Clinics
        3. Detailed Long Case, Short Case Presentation to Assistant Professors and
Professors in the afternoon
        4. Recent Advances – Every Week on Tuesdays 1 PM
        5. Clinical meetings – Every Week on Wednesday 8 AM
        6 Case Sheet Ranting Session (Internal Audit of all cases) – Every Week on
Thursday 1:15 PM
        7. Grand Rounds – every week on Friday 8 AM
        8. Journal Club – Every week on Friday 1 PM
Research and Publications
All candidates during the first year within three months of
admission into the D.M. Post Graduate Higher specialty degree course shall be
assigned a topic for dissertation by the Head of Neurology  Department in
consultation with the concerned Unit Chief. The title of the topics assigned to
the candidates should be intimated to the Controller of Examinations of the
University by the Head of the Department through the Head of the Institution
before the end of first year. Four copies of dissertation shall be submitted five
months prior to the commencement of examination, as in the prescribed date to
the controller of Examinations of the University. Examination will be conducted
at the end of third year.
The activities of the Department are published as proceedings of the Institute of Neurology like any other journal in
Neurosciences. It is also indexed in the catalogues of Neurosciences Journal.
Many interesting articles have been published from our Institute and they are
documented in the proceedings science 1971.
·         Dr V.G Ramesh - Neuroanotomical study in Neuro Vascular
relationship at the trigeminal root entry zone – published in the journal of
clinical Neuroscience July 2009.
·         Prof K Deiveegan – Staged Sacralectomy – An adaptive Approach,
Journal of Neurosurgery, Spine – 2009.
·         Dr M Kodeeswaran & Prof K Deiveegan – Multiple Subpial
Transections for Epilepsy – Protocol – Accepted in Cochrane Review – To be
published in Oct 2009.
·         Dr Arun Kumar; Reasearch work with Stem Cell therapy for Spinal
cord injury patients.
From Neurosurgery 10 papers presented at the Annual conference
Neurolgocal Society of India
held in Pune. 2 papers were presented in the Annual Conference of Indian
Society for Pediatric Neurosurgery at Coimbatore,
November 2008 and 2 papers were presented at the Annual Neurotrauma conference
at Jaipur in August 2009.
·         Poster Presentation at WFNS Congress at Boston. A Combination of
Two Rarities –
Idiopathic CD4 + Lymphocytopenia and Cerebellar Phaehypomycosis – Dr M Kodeeswaran
and Prof K Deiveegan
·         Prof K Deiveegan, Platform Presentation at XIV World Congress at
Boston – Aug 2009 “Role
of Free Radical Scavengers Edavarone in Acute Head Injury Patients”
·         Prof K Deiveegan, Poster at XIV World Congress at Boston – Aug
2009 – “Post Traumatic Headache
– Neurological, Neurosurgical and Neuroradiological Aspects”
IAN 2008
·         Assessment of Sensitivity of Bed Side Tests in Evaluation of
Vertigo -P. Muthukumar, Natarajan. V.
·         A Comparative Study of Case Series of Recurrent
Myelopathy - Radha.M, Kingslyjebasingh.Y, Mutharasu.G, Kamaraj.V,
Boopathy.R.M, Natarajan.V.
·         Belly Dancer's Dyskinesia  Video presentation of two
cases  -Karthik SN, Priya R, Radha M, Mutharasu C, Natarajan V.
·         Clinical Profile of Vasculitis -Shobana. N, Ganesan K, 
Jawahar M, Radha M, Mugunthan G, Mutharasu. C,Natarajan.V.
·         Emotion linked memory- Kamakshi Shanbhogue, Sai Sharanya
·         A Case of Lafora Body Disease -   Chitrambalam S,
Balaji, Bhanu, Geetha Laxmipathy
·         Pattern of Anterior Circulation Stroke  An Analysis
- Natarajan V, Mugunthan G, Bijoy Menon
·         Post Stroke Seizures Analysis of 62 Cases -  K.Bhanu, P
Chandrakumar, Balasubramaniam.S, G Lakshmipathy
·         Facial nerve paralysis and Paraplegia as the presenting symptoms
of Acute Myeloid Leukemia-A Case Report - Chandira kumar R., Radha M.,
Krishnan P.V., Kamaraj.V, Bhoopathy R.M
·         Urinary retention in cerebral cortical lesions Case analysis - K
Ganesan, Jawahar M, Shobana N, Mutharasu C, Natarajan V
·         Clinical and Electrophysiological spectrum of Parsonage Turner
Syndrome  Case series -  G, Mugunthan Saravanan P,Suresh C.T,
Vikramraj G, Arunan S, Boopathy - R.M, Natarajan V, Srinivasan A.V
·         Two Siblings with Ataxia with Oculomotor Apraxia  Type 2 - G
Vikramraj, Suresh.C.T, Ganesan.K., Mugunthan.G., Arunan.S., Srinivasan.A.V
·         Two Cases of Unusual Metabolic Myopathies -   Balaji Gopalan
·         Wernicke's encephalopathy in Hyperemesis Gravidarum-Two Cases
 - V Kannan, Jawahar.M, Karthik.S N, Mugunthan G, Mutharasu . C,
IAN 2009
·         Analysis of Olfactory dysfunction in various subtypes of
Parkinsonism - M.Jawahar, Kingsly jebasingh, Balasubramanian, Bhanu,Geetha
·         A rare case of Hereditary spastic paraparesis with thin corpus
callosum - S Sakthi Velayutham, SN Karthik, V Kannan, M Jawahar, K Bhanu,    
V Natarajan
·         Comparative analysis of patients presenting with longitudinally
extensive transverse myelitis
·         Tumefactive demyelination presenting as space occupying lesion -
N. Shobana, Radha Muthukumar, C Mutharasu, V Natarajan
·         Pure sensory GBS - a report of 3 cases - Murugapandian, B
Chandrakumar, S Chitrambalam, D Chezhilan, S Gobinathan
·         Six Cases of secondary hypokalemic Periodic Paralysis -
Gnanashanmugam, Radha, Jawahar, Muthukumar,
Mutharasu, Shobana
·         A Case series on hypertrophic cranial pachymeningitis - G.Balaji,
Muthukumaran, G.mukunthan, Suresh, P.Saravanan, S.Arunan, V.Natarajan
·         Two cases of chronic progressive radiation myelopathy - G.
Vikramraj, K. Ganesan, P.R Sowmini, G Balaji, V Kamataj, RM Boopathy
·         MIGRALEPSY - V Natarajan, M Radha, C Mutharasu, S Arunan
·         Praxis and Comprehension - KAMAKSHI SHANBOGUE, SAI SARANYA
·          Isolated Anterior Cerebral Artery Infarcts - A Review of 4
Patients - SN Karthik, V Kannan, S Sakthivelayutham, M Jawahar, K Bhanu, C
Mutharasu, V Natarajan
·          Skew Deviation as the Initial Manifestation of Left Para
median Thalamic Infarction-A Case Report - Chandira kumar, N Murugapandian, D
Chezhian ,S Gobinathan, V Natarajan
·          A rare case of recurrent myopathy  - D Muthukumaran, G
Balaji, G Mugunthan, S Arunan, V Natarajan
·          An unusual presentation of Hansens neuropathy - P.
Muthukumar, N Shobana, G Kannan, PR
Sowmini, RM Boopathy, V Natarajan
·         The Effect of Rehabilitation of Epileptic Mothers in Epilepsy
Clinic at Government General Hospital, 5th World Congress of WFNR- 2008,
Basilia, Brazil. -R.M Boopathy, Karthik S N, Priya R, Srinivasan A V
·         Psychosocial Issues and the Effect of Rehabilitation in Epileptic
Women of Southern India, 19th World Congress of Neurology 2009, Bangkok,
Thailand.- .M Boopathy, Karthik S N, Natarajan V
Prizes and Awards
        1. Prof B. Ramamurthu Neurosurgery Prize for Undergraduates
        2. Prof.S.Kalyanaraman Neurosurgery Prize for Neurosurgery post graduates
        3. Thiru.C.V.Chary Memorial Prize for Neurology and Neurosurgery Postgraduates
CME, Workshop, Conference Conducted by the department
        1. Neurotrauma 2010
        2. Annual Course in Neurosciences – every July
        3. Teaching Programme for Postgraduates – Nov, Dec Every year
Departmental Library details – about 200 books
Services Offered 
Services Offered
Neurosurgery                                              Skull Base Surgery
                       Percutaneous transovale needle techniques
        * Special out-patient clinics are run for cases of Epilepsy, Headache and Movement
Disorder. The epilepsy patients are fully investigated by a medical officer.
        * The Neuroradiology, Neuroanesthesia, Neuropathology, Neurochemistry, EEG and
clinical Neurophysiology, Neuro-ophthalmology, Clinical Psychology, Speech Therapy
and physiotherapy, social welfare section are catering to the needs of a large
number of both out-patient and in-patients.
        * The operating theatre works round the clock everyday for elective and emergency
        * The modern neurosurgical operations including skull base operation,
micro-neurosurgical operation, latest technique of spinal operation including
anterior approach etc.
        * Head injury services are available 24 hours.
                                                    Nerve Conduction
Transcranial Doppler
 List of tests performed
        * Electro Encephalography
        * Electromyography
        *  Nerve conduction study
        * Evoked Potential Study
  Electro Encephalography Polysomnography 
Type of Surgeries performed
        * All Neurosurgical Procedures including Aneurysm / AVM surgeries, Endoscopy
assisted surgeries, Trans-sphenoidal micro-neurosurgical procedures including skull
base surgeries.
        * Twin Surgery (Brain Tumour with Caeserian) first in the world, acknowledged
Other facilities available
        * Neuro radiology : 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM
        * Emergency C.T Scan, Skull X-Rays
Neuro Chemistry, Neuropathology : 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM 

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