::: ASSOCIATED INSTITUTIONS : Institute of Obstetrics & Gynaecology
History of the institution
Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Egmore, is one of the precious gems adorning the crown of the prestigious Madras medical College.
This is a 173 years old Government Institution started serving the poor and the needy people of this area, on the banks of river coovam as a small hospital in 1844. Very soon it was shifted to the present site as its services increased and many departments were added to it. With bed strength of 1070 and a bed occupancy rate of 120% now it has evolved in to the biggest institutions for Obstetrics and Gynecology in South East Asia. Approximately 18,000 deliveries are conducted here every year.
New A.L. Mudaliyar block
A.L. Mudaliyar Block was inaugurated on March 2015 by our Late Honorable Chief Minister Selvi Dr. J. Jayalalitha. This building dedicated to obstetrics. Has a state of art NICU, with the objective of combining both maternal and neonatal care in a single unit.
Floors   Square feet
Basement floor Car park, Sump for water supply and firefighting, CSSD rooms, Medical stores and Linen store. 38327
Ground floor Labor wards, ICU and post-natal wards 37402
First floor Operation theatre, New post op wards and NICU 37402
Second floor Caesarean ward, Labs, Assistant professor and Professor rooms 37402
Third floor Anti-natal ward, Post-natal wards, Linen store, and Side lab and class room. 37402
Fourth floor Labs, Blood drawing room and class rooms 37402
Fifth floor Auditorium, Library, Conference hall, Colposcopy training room, Office, SBA training and CEMONC/BEMONC 36520
Academic activities
Type of course – Medical
Name of course – M.S Obstetrics and Gynecology and Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology
Course of duration – M.S – 3 years, DGO – 2 years
Sanctioned number of seats – MS – 10 seats. DGO- 20 seats
Affiliated university – The Tamil Nadu Dr. MGR Medical university
Selection Procedure – Counselling according to merit list in NEET - PG (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test -formerly known as AIPGMEE/TNPGMEE)

Periodic academic activities held in the department: 
1.            Outpatient Clinical Demonstration for Final MBBS & II MBBS students is done by       Professor of Obstetrics and gynecology daily.
2.            Ward Clinics demonstration for Final MBBS & II MBBS is done daily.
3.            Bedside clinical teaching, ward rounds teaching & clinical demonstration for PG & CRRIs are also done daily.
4.            Theory classes are conducted for PGs, UGs, BDS, Nursing & other courses.
5.            Clinical Society meeting, symposium, seminars are conducted regularly for both UGs, PGs.
6.            General Clinics for PGs conducted every 2 weeks.
7.            Journal Clubs, Log book discussion, Dissertation discussion, tumor board discussion for PGs, weekly.
8.            Periodic Model exam in theory & clinical for UGs, Pgs.
9.            Internal assessment & Medal exam are also conducted.
10.          Monthly maternal and perinatal meetings
11.          Yearly once live video gynecology surgery workshop conducted
12.          Monthly clinical workshop and CME conducted.

1st year PG – year of joining 2016
S.no 1st year DGO Date of Joining
1.        Dr. Preethi G Singamani 01.05.2016
2.        Dr. S. Ramya Malini 01.05.2016
3.        Dr. K. Kalaiyarsi 01.05.2016
4.        Dr. C. Dheepikkha 01.05.2016
5.        Dr. E.Uma 01.05.2016
6.        Dr. R. Hemavathy 01.05.2016
7.        Dr. Shruthi Priya 01.05.2016
8.        Dr. S. Ambhika 01.05.2016
9.        Dr. Divya Kumar 01.05.2016
10.    Dr. R. Raja Rajeshwari 01.05.2016
11.    Dr. R Ganga 01.05.2016
12.    Dr. D. Sakthi Jayapriya 01.05.2016
13.    Dr. J. Usha 01.05.2016
14.    Dr. I.N. Hindusree 01.05.2016
15.    Dr. Neha Dhok 09.05.2016
16.    Dr. D. Mohanapriya 01.05.2016
17.    Dr. A. Uma 23.05.2016
18.    Dr. A. Yasmin 23.05.2016
19.    Dr. N. Indhu 23.05.2016
20.    Dr. Sujitha 09.5.16
S.no 1st Year MDs Date of joining
1 Dr. M. Shanthini 01.05.2016
2 Dr. V.M. Annith Kumar 01.05.2016
3 Dr. T.S Aarifa Thasleem 01.05.2016
4 Dr. S. Suganya 01.05.2016
5 Dr. V. Aiswarya 01.05.2016
6 Dr. Pradeepa 01.05.2016
7 Dr. J. Linu Gracia 01.05.2016
8 Dr. S. Aiswarya 01.05.2016
9 Dr. Annie Rajiah 01.05.2016
10 Dr. K. Manjula 01.05.2016
2nd year
Sno 2nd Year DGOs Date of joining
1.        K. Suganthy 30. 05. 2015
2.        B. Sridevi 30. 05. 2015
3.        D. Sudha 30. 05. 2015
4.        A. Nandhini 30. 05. 2015
5.        M. Sharmili 30. 05. 2015
6.        M.R.S Dharmasamvardhini 30. 05. 2015
7.        S. Monisha 30. 05. 2015
8.        N.G. Wilson Changio 30. 05. 2015
9.        Tenzin Nordan 30. 05. 2015
10.    P. kanmani 30. 05. 2015
11.    R. Padma Rajeshwari 30. 05. 2015
12.    G. Aiswarya 30. 05. 2015
13.    Nephy T. S Darshini 30. 05. 2015
14.    Akkamma Nagoor 30. 05. 2015
15.    B. Divya 30. 05. 2015
16.    B. Kaladevi 30. 05. 2015
17.    N. Priyadharshini 30. 05. 2015
18.    Dr. Mohanapriya 30. 05. 2015
19.    Dr. S. preethi 30. 05. 2015
20.    Dr. S. Abiramasundari 30. 05. 2015
2nd year MD
S.no 2nd year MDs Date of joining
21.    Dr. C. Sri Lakshmi 30. 05. 2015
22.    Dr. R. Sathya 30. 05. 2015
23.    Dr. V. Sindhumathi 30. 05. 2015
24.    Dr. P. Prasannna 30. 05. 2015
25.    Dr. S. Sindhu 30. 05. 2015
26.    Dr. S. Dhamayanthi 30. 05. 2015
27.    Dr. R. Surya kiranmayi 30. 05. 2015
28.    Dr. K.M. Kunguma Sangeetha 30. 05. 2015
29.    Dr. Shilpa Reddy 30. 05. 2015
3rd Year
S.no 3rd year MDs Date of joining
1 R. Madhumitha` 30.6.2014
2 R. Swathi 30.6.2014
3 M. Aruna 30.6.2014
4 R. Sindhuja 30.6.2014
5 M. Suganthi 01.11.2014
6 Dr. Kanmani 30.6.2014
7 M. Mahalakshmi 30.6.2014
8 D. Kavitha 30.6.2014
9 T. Rajatharangani 30.6.2014
List of papers published and presented
1.      Rajalakshmi, .Passive Smoking and Pregnancy Outcome. 52th All India Congress of Obstetrics &Gynaecology @Jaipur, 2009.Abstract.
2.       Rani, An interesting case of recurrent vesicular mole .54th All India Congress of Obstetrics &Gynaecology @Hyderabad, 2011.Abstract
3.      Meenalochani, A case of puerperal dural sinus thrombosis, 54th All India Congress of Obstetrics &Gynaecology @Hyderabad, 2011.Abstract
4.      Rajalakshmi, Post menopausal mass abdomen, 54th All India Congress of Obstetrics &Gynaecology @Hyderabad, 2011.Abstract
5.      Manickadevi, Comparative study of liquid based cytology with Pap smear in cervical screening with HPE correlation.
6.      Dr.Sampathkumari 2012 – Fogsi Conference , Varanasi – a case of fibroid management
2011 – Fogsi Conference Hydrabad – GDM Analysis for one    year
7.      Dr.Subha   2011 – Fogsi Conference  Hydrabad – Foreign body bio Pessary in vagina
8.      Dr.Deepa   2011 – case of procidential with bladders stone
9.      Dr.Parameshwari- 2012 -   Leukoplakia in cervix
10.   Dr.K.Sabari Cryotherapy  -2011 – OGSSI – Dr.Princy case of transfusion related lung injury
11.  Dr.Sabari - 2012 – OGSSI Endo cervical cancer – when to suspect
12.  Dr.Devi  - 2012 – Just cervix  a case of cervical pregnancy for its rarity
13.  Dr.Divya  - Data analysis of Colposcopy findings for the period from May 2011 to April 2012 at KGH    
14.    Dr.Deepamangalam – a case of Heterotropic pregnancy OGSSICON - 2012
 Dr.Deepa Jayanthi – Fibroid complicating pregnancy
15.    Dr.Jyotsna – a case of placenta percreta
16.    Dr.Kamakshi – Testicular feminization syndrome
17.    Deepa priya  -  Synchronous tumour – a rare case report Poster –  OGSSI annual conference November- 2011.   
18.  Steriod cell tumour of the ovary poster –  Yuva fogsi – 2012  2nd  prize.
19.    Gayathri.N. – A case report of uteri ne AV malformation – rare cause of uterine bleeding. poster – OGSSI  Annual conference –    1st prize – Novemver -2011. H1N1 in pregnancy – paper  Yuva fogsi 0 2012
20.    B. Karthika – Primary pulmonary hypertension in pregnancy –   poster – OGGSSI annual conference – November -2011.
21.    Gokula Priya – A case report of amniotic band sysdrome – poster Yuva fogsi 2012.
22.    Usha – Comparision of various methods in estimation of fetal   weight – pare OGGSSI 28th annual conference November -2011.
23.    Thamizhselvi – A  ball  in the bladder  - large  vesical calculus  complicating UV prolapsed – poster – OGSSI annual conference  November – 2011
24.  Little mermaid ( sirenomelia)  poster – Yuva fogsi – 2012.
25.  Kasthuri – DCM complicating pregnancy Vs peripartum   Cardiomyopathy SICOG – November -2012.
26.    Saravanapriya – placenta accreta SICOG – November -2012.
27.   Dr. Arumai Kannu - .Accuracy of pipelle aspiration vs office hysteroscope in diagnosing endometrial pathology in perimenopausal would.en withAUB.
28.  Dr. Arumai kannu  - A comparitive study of perineal morbidity in labour natural vs labour natural with episiotomy.
29.   Dr. Arumai kannu - A comparative study of efficacy of methotrexate &mefiprestone with methotrexate in medical management of ectopic pregnancy.
30.   Dr. Arumai kannu - A comparative study of fasting insulin level between normotensive & pre.eclamptic women.
31.   Dr. Shanthi and Dr. Vanitha  - Incidence of Gdm in Hiv Positive Antenatal Women on Anti-Retroviral Theraphy (ART)
32.  Dr. Shanthi and Dr. Vanitha - To Study the Role of Maternal Serum Beta hCG at 13 – 20 Weeks of Gestation in Prediction of Pre-Eclampsia
33.  Dr. Shanthi and Dr. Vanitha - Twin Pregnancy with Single Fetal Demise Review of Fetal, Maternal Outcome and Management
34.  Dr. Shanthi and Dr. Vanitha - Analysis of Pattern of Congenital Anomalies Diagnosed in A Tertiary Care Hospital
35.  D M Christe  MBBS DGO PhD, M.P.Kanchana MD , S Baby Vasumathi MD DGO-  screening for  cervical cancer   and  outcome in a referral centre
36.  Dr. Padmavathy and Dr. Annith Kumar – Twist in a cyst – A rare case of Von Wyk Grumbach syndrome  in OGSICON 2016- second place in Poster presentation
Ongoing Research
1.        D M Christe  MBBS DGO PhD, M.P.Kanchana MD , S Baby Vasumathi MD DGO-  screening for  cervical cancer   and  outcome in a referral centre.
2.      Short course vs long course antibiotics in elective caesarean section
3.      Impact of HIV awareness in pregnant women in IOG – KAP study.
4.      Boderline oligohydroamnios with induction, maternal and perinatal outcome
5.      Postpartum urinary retention in vaginal delivery
6.      Prevalence in streptococcal infection in AN mothers visiting IOG
7.      Maternal vitamin D status and correlation with low birth weight babies
8.      Fetal Hemoglobin and Alpha 1 microglobin as biochemical markers in predicting pre eclamspsia in late first trimester and early second trimester of pregnancy
9.      Association of maternal Vitamin D status with gestational diabetes mellitus
10.  Clinical study of fetomaternal outcome of diabetes mellitus in pregnancy
11.  First trimester and midtrimester uterine artery Doppler in predicting preeclampsia and IUGR
12.  Study of clinical, sonological and histopathological correlation of adnexal masses.
13.  Perinatal outcomes in PPROM
14.  Beta Hcg in Cervico vaginal sectrtions as predictor for preterm labour
15.  Efficacy of ormeloxifene in medical management of AUB
16.  Comparative study between WHO modified partogram and Paperless partogram
17.  Perinatal outcomes in isolated oligohydramnios
18.  Deciding the route of hysterectomy scorng system for better feasibility of NDVH`
19.  Fetomaternal outcome of pregnancy beyond 40 weeks pf gestation
20.  Evaluation of Doppler cerebro-placental ratio as a predictor of adverse perinatal outcomes in high risk pregnancy
List of training programs
1.      DRTT training ( Radiotherapy)
2.      Cemonc training
3.      ESI training    
4.      Skilled birth attended training
5.      MVA training
6.      ANM training
7.      PC PND act training
8.      Internship training
9.      BPT Internship training
10.  6 months internship training
11.  New born training      
12.  D.M.E bachelor pf physiotherapy training
13.  Pharmacy and education training
14.  NHM- SHS training
15.  BME- training
List of directors
1 Dr. T.K Renukadevi MD., DGO., February 2009 – March 2009
2 Dr. Shanthi Dhinakaran MD., DGO., April 2009 – July 2009
3 Dr. Revathy Janakiraman MD., DGO MNAMS August 2009 – December 2009
4 Dr. T. Radha Bai Prabhu MD., DGO January 2010 – May 2010
5 Dr. R. Premalatha MD., DGO Apirl 2011 – May 2011
6 Dr. P. Meenalochani Md., DGO June 2011 – July 2011
7 Dr. K. Jayashree MD., DGO Apirl 2012 – May 2012
8 Dr. S. Jaya MD, DGO (I/C) June 2012 – July 2014
9 Dr. Premavathy Prabhu MD, DGO July 2012
10 Dr. S. Jaya MD, DGO August 2012 – Sept 2012
11 Dr. Meenalochani MD., DGO Sept 2012 – july 2013
12 Dr. Meena umachandar MD, DGO Sep 2013 – feb 2014
13 Dr. A Kala MD, DGO Feb 2104 – may 2014
14 Dr. Meena Umachandar MD, DGO June 2014
15 Dr. G. Uma Shanthi MD, DGO July 2014 – March 2015
16 Dr. S. Baby Vasumathi MD, DGO March 2015 – present
Gynaecology outpatient
The gynaecology OPD functions on all days to week between 7.30 am to 12pm. The average numbers of OP cases per month are between 6000 -7000s patients. NCD clinic, Pap smear and via/Villi for cancer screening are done. Endometrial sampling is done by using pipelle as an OPD procedure. FRC OP is daily for infertility patients. Infertility work up is offered.

Obstetrics Outpatient
The Antenatal OPD functions on all days of the week between 7.30am to 12 pm. The numbers of cases per month are 10000 to 12000. Universal HIV screening, VCTC counselling is done. An exclusive USG machine is available in OPD for obstetrics ultrasound. High risk pregnancy clinic is conducted daily with facilities for diagnosis & management of Obstetric & medical complications of pregnancy and prenatal testing & diagnoses of congenital anomalies. Diabetes clinic is held once a week on Wednesdays for antenatal women with GDM and Overt DM.

Department of family planning
A multistory Building is dedicated for the department of family planning. Op timings are from 8am to 2 pm. postnatal follow-up, IUCD insertion and removal, temporary and permanent sterilization methods, Laparoscopic sterilization, MTP with sterilization, sterilization and re sterilization procedure. Individualized Counselling is given regarding contraceptive methods.  Yearly around 3000- 4000 sterilization, 8000-9000 IUCD insertions and 1500 -1600 MTPs are done. Two new high end laparoscopic instruments are available for laparoscopic sterilization.  

Intensive care unit
It is a 14 bedded spacious ICU. Each bed is provided with a multi parameter monitor, Afpha bed, Ambu bag, syringe pumps and infusion pumps. Central monitoring facility is the specialty of this ICU where in the doctor can monitor all the patients from one place. There are 6 modern ventilators with Invasive & Non Invasive Ventilatory parameter.
Exclusively for ICU an Echo Machine, ECG Machine, Ultrasound machine, ABG analyser and Thromboelastographic machine are available.

A 43 bedded NICU which offers the state of art care which is well equipped to handle prematurely born, newborns, very low birth weight babies, babies with jaundice requiring exchange transfusion as well as those with infection and respiratory distress. ventilators are available for ventilating neonates in addition to bubble CPAP units. NICU graduates has a robust followup facilitie in place early stimulation and developmental therapy.
There are adequate numbers of warmers, photo therapy units and incubators together with facilities for central oxygen and suction, to cater any neonatal problems.
National Institute for Research in Reproductive Health - (FIELD UNIT), Indian Council of Medical Research.
The Indian Council of Medical Research established a contraceptive testing unit (CTU) in 1970 in the Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology as part of a network of five collaborative centres.  These CTUs gradually increased to 31 centres in the 1980s and the centres were redesignated as Human Reproduction Research Centre.
1.         To undertake clinical trials of new reproductive health technologies.
2.         To carry out programme introduction studies with new technologies.
3.         To undertake operational research for improving health care delivery and utilization of RCH services.

Blood bank
Well-equipped blood bank run by trained staff and medical officers. It can cater to any obstetrical emergencies needing any amount of blood and blood products. This blood bank also has a in house component separator.

Comprehensive colposcopy services are provided to patients regarding abnormal Pap tests, investigate these abnormalities and treat cervical dysplasia.

Other Facilities offered
Operative hysteroscope and 3 operative laparoscopic instruments are available in gynaecology theatre. All gynaecology related surgeries are performed on a day to day basis. Major interest is shown for Gynaecology oncology surgeries.

  2013 2015 2016
Outpatients 133301 154202 171051
Admissions 36541 41302 42020
Inpatients Census 321547 368973 362913
Discharges 36604 41202 41525
Major surgeries 10916 12797 12778
Minor Surgies 10169 9631 9921
Total Deliveries 13226 15093 15325
Sterilization 2912 3447 2773
Bed Occupancy 115% 134% 92%
USG 298918 348923 334554
Xray 16891 15989 15483
Biochemistry 358988 343898 398989
Pathology 198876 201918 218989
Microbiology 36909 30908 33099
Allied departments

Department of Anaesthesia
The anaesthesia department caters to 4 Operation theatre complexes. Major Gynaecology theatre complex with 4 operating tables.  Minor theatre complex with 3 operating tables. Family planning theatre with 4 operating tables. Obstetrics theatre complex with emergency OT and Elective OT the anaesthetists available are round the clock and are well equipped to manage any emergencies. 

Department of Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology
Services Offered
·         Round the clock lab services (24 Hours )
·         Routine laboratory investigations, Coagulation profile, LDH.
·         Screening  for Ca Cervix by PAP Smear
·         Around 4000-5000 patients are screened per year
·         Screening for gestational Diabetes for all antenatal women
·         Urine culture sensitivity, Blood culture and sensitivity, Pus culture and sensitivity, Sputum culture sensitivity , AFB staining and Viral markers.
Department of Medical Endocrinology
Dept. of Medical Endocrinology was started by Dr.P.G. Sundararaman M.D.D.M. in the year 1989. Outpatient services were rendered to less than 1000 patients during the first year. Now the OP strength has increased tremendously to 20000 per year. Many research activities are being carried out. This is the highest referral Institute for Reproductive Endocrinology in Tamilnadu. The Medical Endocrinology Lab is approved by BHABHA ATOMIC RESEARCH CENTRE, Mumbai.
Services offered
  • Out patient services for Endocrine disorders like Hypo and  hyperthyroidism, PCOS, Primary and secondary amenorrhoea, POF, Hyperprolactinemia, CAH, etc.
  • Hormonal analysis including Free T4, TSH,  Prolactin, LH, FSH,Free Testosterone etc.
O.P Days and Timings: Monday – Saturday between 9 am and 12 noon.
Facilities available
Harmone assay including Free T4, TSH,  Prolactin, LH, FSH, Free Testosterone, Serum Cortisol, Vitamin D3.

Department of Radiology & Radiotherapy
Services Offered
X-ray and Ultrasound imaging of Obstetrics and Gyanaecology patients. 
HSG for infertility work up.
Teletherapy and Brachytherapy treatment for the patients with Cancer cervix .
Special areas of concentration
Gynaecological Oncology, Ca Cx, Ca Endometrium, Teletherapy and Brachytherapy.
Newer Brachytherapy machine was installed in 2009.

Department of Dental Surgery
Dental op clinic is functioning since 1981 and treating both antenatal and gynaec patients,Dental OP clinic at Institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Government Hospital for women and children is functioning since 1981 and treating both ante-natal and gynaec patients.

Department of medical genetics.
 Screening and counselling is offered to women with recurrent pregnancy loss, previous history of anomalous baby and mother is genetic disorders.

Department of Medical Oncology
The medical oncology department offers newer chemotherapy for patients with Cancer Cervix and Other advanced ovarian, endometrial carcinoma.

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