::Departments : Clinical : PHYSICAL MEDICINE
Head of department – Director,professor Dr.C.Ramesh ,MD,DNB(PMR),DA .
Courses handled  :MDPMR  –  3 years course since 2014
                               DPMR      –  2 years of course

2016-17 academic year
1. Dr.Dhinla.s
2.Dr.R.M . kamakshi

2015-16 academic year

2014-15 academic year
2. Dr.S.Suganthi
2016-17 academic year
3.Dr.Fathima Tasneem.A
2015-16 academic year
2.Dr. Ilayaraja
2014-15 academic year
2.Dr.Prince Rajanikanth
 2013-14 acdaemic year
1.Dr.Sukanya Devi
3.Dr.Mohammed chand ikram
Dissertation topic of post graduates:
Sl.no. Name of PG Year of admission Topic
1 Dr.Dhinla.s 2016-17 Comparative analysis of gait parameters among transtibial amputee in traumatic and vascular etiology with transtibial prosthesis with PTB socket-a prospective study
2. Dr.R.M.Kamakshi 2016-17 To assess cardiovascular risk in cases of spinal cord injury by screening impaired glucose tolerance and dyslipidemia
3. Dr.P.Padmapriya 2015-16 Functional outcome of suprascapular nerve block with 0.5% bupivacaine vs intraarticular steroid injection of methyl prednisolone acetate against conservative management for adhesive capsulitis shoulder stage 1 and 2
4. Dr.P.Jayaseeli 2015-16 Functional outcome of epidural triamcinolone vs conservative management for lumbar disc disease.
5. Dr.K.Chitrarasu 2014-15 Prognostic significance of CMAP index values in acute idiopathic unilateral facial palsy
6. Dr.S.Suganthi 2014-15 To compare functional outcome of intraarticular HYLAN-GF20 vs methyl prednisolone acetate in grade 2 osteoarthritis knee.
RESEARCH AND PUBLICATIONS :during the last 3 years
1. Common etiology with uncommon presentation -intracerebral bilateral parasagittal tuberculoma – a case report
AUTHORS: Dr.S.Suganthi,  Professors Dr.C.Ramesh, assosiate prof.Dr. T. Jayakumar
2. Rehabilitation of a rare case of non traumatic and traumatic paraplegia – SOL Neurocysticercosis D 12 level – a case report
AUTHORS: Dr.M.Devika,Professors Dr.C.Ramesh, assosiate prof.Dr. T. Jayakumar
3.Rehabilitation challenges in a case  of Right Transradial amputation with left total claw hand – with foccusing restoration of writing skill as a need for account by proffession
AUTHORS:Dr.K.Chitrarasu,Professors Dr.C.Ramesh, assosiate prof.Dr. T. Jayakumar
4.Evaluation of prosthetic usage and short term outcome of upperlimb amputees. AUTHORS: Dr. T. Jayakumar, Dr. P. Thirunavukkarasu, Dr. J. Geethakalpana ,Dr.C.Ramesh
5.Comparative analysis of spinal cord injury among male and female population.
     AUTHORS:Dr.J.Geethakalpana,Dr.T.Jayakumar,Dr.P.Thirunavukkarasu, Dr.kamakshiramarajan
6.Positive coracoid pain test – a clinical sign of adhesive capsulitis of shoulder & observational study.
7.Case study of Rehabilitation of Quadriparesis due to Intramedullary space occupying lesion.
 AUTHORS: Dr.uma,Professors Dr.C.Ramesh, assosiate prof.Dr. T. Jayakumar
8.Heterotropic ossification as a complication of traumatic paraplegia – a case study
 AUTHORS:Dr.Padmarani,Professors Dr.C.Ramesh, assosiate prof.Dr. T. Jayakumar
9.Challenges in rehabilitation of high level amputation due to malignancy
 AUTHORS:Dr.Prince Rajanikanth,Professors Dr.C.Ramesh, assosiate prof.Dr. T. Jayakumar
1. Corelation of musculoskeletal pain ,BMI & bone mineral density in 142 patients – in 2015 IAPMRCON  at trivandrum : Dr.S.Suganthi
2. Prognostic significance of  CMAP  and onset latency in acute idiopathic unilateral LMN type of facial palsy- in 2017 IAPMRCON at kolkata:Dr.K.Chitrarasu, Award session paper presentation.
3.comparison of functional outcome of intra articular HYLAN GF 20 vs methylprednisolone acetate in OA knee - 2017 IAPMRCON at kolkata Dr.S.Suganthi
4.Tinetti”s POMA vs Horak”s best test : correlation with other tools of balance and functional assessment in gediatric age group and pit falls- an analytical observatinal study:2017 IAPMRCON at kolkata  Dr.P.Padmapriya
1.Challenges in rehabilitation of high level amputation due to malignancy- in 2015 IAPMRCON  at Trivandrum :Dr.K.Chitrarasu,
2.Heterotropic ossification as a complication of traumatic paraplegia – a case studyin 2015 IAPMRCON  at Trivandrum : Dr.Padmarani
3.Botulinum toxin A injection for management of spasticity in stroke rehabilitation –Reorganize 2015  , Coimbatore  - 1 st prize
4.Current evidence based practice in stroke rehabilitation – spasticity management with inj.Xylocaine :Dr.M.Devika  ,Reorganize 2015  , Coimbatore  - 2nd prize
5.Knowledge and attitude of general population towards neuromuscular diseases- a custom designed quesstionnaire based cross sectional study with problem solving approach :Dr.P.Padmapriya MYOCON 2016 Chennai : 2nd prize
6.Rehabilitative outcome of dual disability with unusual contraletral presentation ( right transtibial amputation and left hemiplegia ) in an elderly person with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes  a case report: in 2017 IAPMRCON at kolkata::
7.rehabilitation challenges in multiple injuries with d12 paraplegia:Dr.R.M.Kamakshi: in 2017 IAPMRCON at kolkata
8. rehabilation of paraplegia with transtibial amputee a case study : Dr.Dhinla.s in 2017 IAPMRCON at kolkata
9. a successful conservative management in lumbar disc disease: Dr.balamurali in 2017 IAPMRCON at kolkata

Special clinics:
1.cerebral palsy clinic
2.pain clinic
3.stroke clinic
4.amputee clinic.
5.respiratory rehabilitation clinic-monday
6.obesity clinic

 Research lab
1.3 -D motion  gait lab
2.EMG AND musculoskeletal US

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